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Rachel Brosnahan Diet Very Important to Her Skin

Rachel Brosnahan Diet Very Important to Her Skin

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star Rachel Brosnahan says her diet is extremely important to her skin!

Rachel Brosnahanrecently annouced that she partnered with  that she has to steer clear of calorific treats or she pays the price. Read on for mor Rachel Brosnahan reports that if she eats junk food like a burger and fries she usually suffers a “break out.” Rachel reveals that she takes extra measures to combat any potential negative side effects to her complexion and general health.

Rachel Brosnahan, 28, says:

If I go for the burger and fries and I really make sure I don’t skip the spin class that week. I go to Soul Cycle, but if I wake up in the morning and I feel like I can’t get out of bed because I’m so exhausted, I try to listen to that. And, I’ll take the extra hour of sleep because I will feel better emotionally and physically when I’ve taken better care of myself.

I notice if I’m traveling or eating foods that I don’t normally eat, it shows up on my skin. Either my skin looks duller or I break out. I just don’t feel great. So, I try to eat to make myself feel the best. It’s less about focusing on the way that I look and more about how I feel.

Rachel recently signed as the first celebrity ambassador for skincare brand Cetaphil, and the star revealed that she didn’t take her skincare routine “seriously” until she was aged 16.

While speaking with ELLE, Rachel said:

I didn’t take skincare seriously until I was about 16. I had always just put whatever on my face. I would go to a drug store and look at what products claimed they would do and just try anything that I felt might help at the moment. My whole routine was just a mess until my mom introduced me to Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser when I was 16. Once I started using it and a moisturizer, it completely changed my skin. From that point forward, the way my skin looks and feels have been top priorities to me.

Rachel Brosnahan goes on to reveal that she loves to use a brightening serum morning and night because it evens out her flawless skin tone.

She added:

I wear so much make-up on my face every day that I’m trying to use as little as possible to take care of my skin in the morning and at night. I use about six drops of Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum, pat it into my skin, and it keeps it hydrated. I find that it brightens my skin, especially because it’s got all kinds of different oils in it. It helps to even out my skin really quickly, make red marks go away and soothe dry patches.

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