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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Hospitalized for Breast Cancer

Marlo Hampton Hospitalized for Breast Cancer

Real Housewives of Atlanta newest peach holder Marlo Hampton was hospital yesterday, and doctors suspect that she may have breast cancer.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Hospitalized for Breast Cancer

CelebNHelth247.com has learned that Marlo Hampton hospitalization came just as we learned that Gregg Leakes, husband to Atlanta Housewife Nene Leakes is now cancer-free.

First NeNe Leakes struggled with Greg Leakes cancer battle of 2018 and now her best friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Marlo Hampton diagnosed with breast cancer. Gregg recently asked for prayers and now we are asking for prayers for Marlo.

NeNe will truly have to step up as a friend to be there for Marlo like she did when Gregg was dealing with his cancer. Gregg was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, and now doctors say he’s cancer-free. Thankfully he did the Chemotherapy because that is what saved him.

Marlo told fans that during a routine breast exam three weeks ago, doctors found a “giant” lump in her breast. Following her announcement to her fans, doctors ran a series of tests and determined that the only way to find out whether it’s cancerous, was to bring her in for a biopsy.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Hospitalized for Breast Cancer

What we have learned about Marlo Hampton’s Breast Cancer:

According to sources, the American Cancer Society says that Marlo’s breast implants may have complicated her diagnosis. Her x-rays used in mammograms cannot go through silicone or saline implants well enough to show the breast tissue under them. Meaning her breast tissue can be hard to see on a mammogram.

As a result, breast cancer detection in women with breast implants is usually later stage, and more deadly.

Pray for Marlo…

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