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Robert Vaughn Dies Age 83 from Acute Leukaemia

Robert Vaughn Dies Age 83 from Acute Leukaemia

The ‘Magnificent Seven’ actor, Robert Vaughn died 11 days short of his 84th birthday. He died after a short battle with acute leukaemia!!!

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Robert Vaughn Dies Age 83 from Acute Leukaemia

CelebNHealth247.com has learned that Robert Vaughn has died aged 83, who was best known for his roles in ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’, Superman III, Bullit and The Magnificent Seven.

Vaughn’s passing was announced by his manager Matthew Sullivan who said the actor had died with his family by his bedside, just 11 days short of his 84th birthday. The actor, who lived in the Ridgebury area, is survived by wife Linda, son Cassidy and daughter Caitlin.

His manager Matthew Sullivan confirmed the news to multiple news outlets. Sullivan said in a statement:

“Mr. Vaughn passed away with his family around him.”

Did you know Robert Vaughn was a political activist and scholar?

Press historian Jack Sanders said about the actor on ridgefieldhistory.com:

“Not many Hollywood stars could be properly addressed as “Dr.” But Robert Vaughn, the actor, is also a political activist and scholar whose Ph.D. thesis was so good, it was turned into a book.”

“Nearly 30 years later, Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting is still in print and regularly assigned to law students. To most people, of course, Mr. Vaughn is Napoleon Solo of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or the cowardly fop in The Magnificent Seven or the heavy drinking friend in The Young Philadelphians. Over his long career, he has appeared in more than 100 movies, starred in several TV series, appeared as a guest star hundreds of times in countless programs, and performed on the stage.”

According to the website’s Notable Ridgefielders section, Vaughn was doing stints as a radio talk show host as late as the 1990s “with a keen ability at debating politics”

He was born in New York in 1932, Mr. Vaughn was the son of a radio-actor father and a stage-actress mother. Robert majored in journalism at the University of Minnesota where, in 1951, he won an acting contest, decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue that career.

His first starring role was in Roger Corman’s Teenage Caveman in 1958. But it was his Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for The Young Philadephians that really launched his career. Later in his career he appeared in British soap ‘Coronation Street’ and in BBC dram ‘Hustle’.

Mr Vaughn was still a sex symbol to many women:

“Even at 83, women would still come up to the table to talk to him.”

After the news of his passing was announced tributes from fellow actors began flooding in on social media.

Stephen Fry tweeted:

“Oh no. Robert Vaughn, such a fine actor, one of the best Columbo villains (no higher praise than that) and an utterly charming man, has died.”

Sir Roger Moore wrote:

“Sorry to hear the news about Robert Vaughn.”

Filmmaker Edgar Wright added:

“RIP Napoleon Solo! The great Robert Vaughn was the coolest guy on TV when I was a kid. Superb in Bullitt, The Magnificent Seven & many more..”

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