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Rumors Swirling Winston Duke Seriously Injured

Rumors Swirling Winston Duke Broke His Back

This weekend has an interesting RUMOR SWIRLING about Winston Duke was seriously injured on the set of his new project.

The word traveling around Hollywood is that actor Winston Duke seriously injured and that he allegedly “broken his back.” Read on…

Rumors Swirling Winston Duke Broke His Back

CelebNHealth247.com has the latest tea spilling out of Hollywood when it comes to the Black Panther, and Us star being injured on set.

What we are hearing a RUMOR that Winston Duke was cast in the new CBS+Apple TV show Swagger!, which is executive produced by NBA star Kevin Durant.

Winston got the lead role. He plays a coach in the series, which is about high school basketball.

Around the beginning of this month, but the production was sidelined when Winston sustained an “injury” and that the injury was so severe that he may have undergone back surgery, according to top snitches.

No one knows for sure how Winston was injured, or the severity – but we’re told that it was “bad.”

The injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time. The show had only filmed one episode, and now production on the rest of the episodes is being held up because of Winston’s reported “back injury”.

We are also hearing that the production has been trying to keep this under wraps, but the tea has already been spilled.

What is being alleged about CBS+Apple TV show Swagger!:

It is also being said that there is a problem brewing at CBS and Apple.

Apple was hoping to launch the show to help boost sales of its struggling new streaming service. But now the show’s release will be postponed.

In addition to that, word is, Apple is NOT happy and RUMORS are claiming that CBS and Apple may be trying to replace Winston.

This means that they would be firing him because of a medical issue and that he will be missing filming dates.

If there is truth to Winston Duke being seriously injured on set and he gets fired, we have one word…Lawsuit!

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