Safaree Samuels DROPS $30k on Vaneers

Safaree Samuels DROPS $30k on Veneers


If you saw the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3 reunion Pt 2, you saw all the ladies tell Safaree Samuels to get his finances in order. Safaree put his money to use and had his teeth FIXED dropping $30k on Veneers!!!!

Flip and checkout Safaree Samuels getting his veneers. Wait until you find out where he got them done at, because it wasn’t the United States…

Safaree Samuels DROPS $30k on Vaneers

Safaree Samuels teeth didn’t need much work, but instead of banking his loot from the series Samuels spent his money on his teeth.

Maybe he didn’t get the memo that he’s NOT coming back to Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 4. If you recall, we learned that Safaree was one of the cast members who brought nothing to the table, so he was cut from another season.

Since he and Nikki are NOT together on the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion, it just makes sense. He has no real story line. On top of that, all the ladies attacked him for not being able to pay for dinner when taking Nikki Mudarris out.  Miss Nikki Baby made it clear, if you can pay the bill for dinner then you can’t afford to ride the ride. Despite the fact they dated and her claims that sex with Safaree was way better than Fizz, he needs to get his coinage in order.

The Jamaican hottie has now lost two Nikki’s in his life. Maybe that is why he decided to work on his best asset. Dude went to the orthodontist and got his teeth FIXED. But Samuels didn’t got anyone in the US. He headed down to Columbia to get his veneer, which he says cost $30,000.

Did you know, traditional porcelain veneers cost between $925 and $2,500 per tooth but can last 10 to 15 years. Composite veneers cost approximately $250 to $1500 per tooth and may last between five and seven years.

In Los Angeles the going rate for veneers are anywhere from roughly $35,000 to $80,000, so that is why Safaree headed down to Cali, La Sucursal del Cielo. De Colombia para el mundo.  We guess that fixing his teeth would be a way to catch himself another lady in his life. Now Safaree can flash his veneery whites and hope someone bites.

Did you know that Safaree flew to Columbia to get his veneers?

“Flew all the way to Colombia for the perfect smile from @drmariomontoya thanks for lacing me.. my new thing is if you cuss me out im smiling if you compliment me im smiling if you slap me im smiling if you kick me im smiling ????! STRAIITT! STUNT DADDY DROPPING SOON???? #stuntgang #smilesbymariomontoya”

He went on to say:

“30,000 more reasons to smile?? I use to smile alot b4 but now yall not gonna be able to pay me to not smile… ???.. out here in Cali, Colombia with @drmariomontoya getting my veneers and a nice massage the whole time! NO NEEDLES NOO TEETH SHAVING!! The fact that i can film and show yall this at the same time im getting this done shows that its noooo pain!! And i got vybz kartel playing thru the office ?? ?? #smilesbymariomontoya #stuntgang they werent finished being shortenend in this vid.. still towards the end of the procedure!”

Take a look below:

We know Colombia is a great place for dental work, our dentist was from there and she was crazy good. She is in Los Angeles. Best Dentist EVER!

Was it worth it? You decided?

Safaree Samuels DROPS $30k on Vaneers

On the flip. Safaree has new music coming out with Bam Vito called Unexpected. It sound pretty dope…Check it:

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