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Selma Blair Refusing To Let MS Stop Her from Living

Selma Blair Is NOT Letting MS Stop Her from Living

Selma Blair is NOT letting her MS stop her from horsing around.

Nope, no siree, Selma Blair is a fighter and she is proving to continue to live her best life. Continue on…

Selma Blair Is NOT Letting MS Stop Her from Living

CelebNHealth247.com reports that Selma Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2018 and admitted that she drank to cope with the initial news, but she’s on a whole new vibe now.

Selma Blair refuses to let MS get in the way of her dreams and passion.

The “Legally Blonde” actress took to social media in a heartwarming letter of perseverance.

She wrote this open letter to her fans:

After I gave birth and felt half-dead all the time, after the rage and the tears, after my heart exploded with caring and understanding, before any diagnosis, I searched for this horse. I knew the only place I was really growing with self-love was at @cellardoorequestrian. My trainer found me #skytop. He needed to be able to handle kisses. Prerequisite. Truly. And he did. #mrnibbles.

Selma goes on to say:

We only had a short time before I couldn’t even get to him or stay on. But he has come so far. And even though I may seem like I have gone farther away, I am learning and getting healthier. Even as I get seemingly sicker. I will jump this horse around again. Affording horseshoes will require some major work opportunities ahead.

Blair noted that her sport of choice would require more money, so she’s also looking to take on more acting gigs to supplement her passion for horseback riding.

She concludes:

So I am asking for it all. I am asking. For all of us who want it. Ask. Ask. Listen. I have the unicorn. Now I have to be able to find him again. #tbt. #loveheals ?

Selma creatie juices were flowing because she has decided to use her diagnosis to help others and revealed earlier this year that she was thinking about creating a fashion line for disabled people.

She later posted a cheeky make-up tutorial on how she gets ready in the morning, but revealed just a month afterward that she was feeling “sick as hell.”

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