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Ron Boss Everline: Shirtless Summer Workout

Ron Boss Everline: Shirtless Summer Workout

Summer is right around the corner, we all know men love to be in shape. If you want to show off the pecs, chest and arms, then move, says Ron Boss Everline.

Everyone love a sexy shirtless man at the beach, but you NEED to movie to get results! Fitness trainer, Ron Boss Everline says getting fit it’s a “lifestyle change.” Here are some helpful tips to get the Shirtless Summer Body

Ron Boss Everline: Shirtless Summer Workout got some helpful tips from trainer Ron Boss Everline who displays some great workouts on how to get that “Shirtless Summer Body” ready over the next three months.

If you haven’t started working out to be ready for summer, then you are already behind. We know the groundhog said there was six more weeks of winter, but that doesn’t mean no working out.

Ron Boss Everline was at the health fest in San Francisco over the weekend. He said it was a “very successful day getting people to move.”

The first thing to getting is shape is all about discipline.  Ron Boss Everline says:

“Discipline Is Key: I don’t believe in eating the same way everyday. Its a lifestyle balance. It’s more realistic to create life changes. So that it’s something you can maintain. It doesn’t take 4 weeks to go fat to fit but it’s a hell of a way to jump-start your engine. By no means I’m saying you can eat whatever you want. It’s gonna take discipline but it worth it. Be fair to your goals and respect the process. In 2 weeks I’m launching my first lifestyle program. Just Train is a state of mind. This program will be progressive so get ready.”

You don’t have to have a gym membership to get in shape, trainer Everline says:

“Making the best of what I have!”

Here are some tips on how to get your body in shape at home. Snowed in? Favorite TV Show on? No time in a Day? No Excuse! Just 30 minutes every day. If you have more time then do an hour. It’s all about dedication.

Here is one type of exercise, but this is for advanced individual who workout and have taken the winter off. Start off at your own pace.

Making the best of what I have! #JustTrain #JustMove #HotelWorkout

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Suitcase workout:

If you want abs like Kevin Hart, then here are some high impact sit ups to snap your abs into shape. If you have a stomach, do cardio and diet to rid the fat first. If you do sit up like this it will trap the fat in the muscle making it harder to lose the weight. Cardio first, loose the weight and then build the body up from there. If you are 220 and you want to be 190 muscle, the do cardio and drop to 180. Then build muscle after that so your body is solid and has a low body fat percentage. Too many people make the mistake of trapping fat in muscle.

Ron Boss Everline suggests Cardio:

“If you don’t use it you lose it!! Felt good to be on the field but this made me realize I have to get out here more often! This is a different type of cardio.”

He adds:

“You can do all these move at home or a hotel room if you can’t get to the gym. And apparently I didn’t do my burpee’s correct according to @kevinhart4real so I went back and did 50 of these! Tag Someone You can do these moves with!”

Once you get to your designated low weight, start building:

Wednesday Tip: Do Work! #JustTrain

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Early to rise, early to work. Use #JustTrain in your attempt #BetOnYourself @fitfreshfly

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Ron Boss Everline uses inspirational quote to motivate himself:

“Moves!! Don’t count the days, make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

Moves!! Don’t count the days, make the days count. – Muhammad Ali #JustTrain #WednesdayWisdom

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Ron Boss Everline has more suggestions in the gym:

Never accept not trying! #JustTrain #JustMove

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If you want to check out more helpful tips head over to Ron Boss Everline’s Instagram and

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