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Busta Rhymes Happy Spliff Star Recovering From Heart Surgery

Busta Rhymes Happy Spliff Star Recovering From Heart Surgery

Rapper and hype man Spliff Star is on the road to recovery after he underwent heart surgery on Thursday (May 24).

Busta Rhymes took to Instagram to happily announce that Spliff Star, born William A. Lewis, appears to be doing better following a successful procedure. Read on…

Busta Rhymes Happy Spliff Star Recovering From Heart SurgeryIn case you didn’t know, CelebNHeath247.com had heard that Spliff Star was not doing so good health wise.

The 43-year-old hip hop star from Flatbush, Spliff Star underwent surgery on his heart last week.  Fast forward to now, Busta Rhymes, his brother from another mother, was over-joyed his man was alive and ready to keep on living.

Busta posted this on Instagram:

I’m the happiest mu’f**ka in the world right now seeing my brother for the 1st time since his heart procedure earlier today which was life-threatening according to the Dr.’s because of condition that his heart was functioning at!!!

The “Dangerous” rapper added:

My bro made it through successfully and again the Lion Heart and Gladiator spirit that my brother has is too powerful so just knows when my bro finishes healing you mu’f**ka’s will have the BIGGEST PROBLEMS Tk deal with when we touch that f**kin’ stage!!!!

He concluded:

Stay tuned!!! Again thanks for all the prayers and all the love. @spliffstar_mrlewis I LOVE YOU BUG HOMIE!!!! SALUTE KING!!! #FAMILY1ST

Unable to hold back his happiness that his brother is still alive and kicking, Busta congratulated Spliff once again on the successful procedure and thanked fans for their support.

We got a lot of life left to live Big Bro…Congrats on you’re successful procedure this morning King and thank you to everyone for the prayers who’s great energy contributed to the great results for my brother (sic)!

Conglomerate Entertainment president Shaheem Reid was very happy that Spliff was doing well and recovering.

Reid wrote on Instagram:

Spoke to him today and he read every single comment you left on my page. He appreciates it all. Thank you.

We are very happy Spliff is doing well, much love to you sir…we have always been a fan of yours. Keep living bro!

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