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Flip & Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Finds Strength in Hot Yoga

Flip & Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Finds Strength in Hot Yoga

This week Christina and Tarek El Moussa aired their feeling about their separation on their social media feeds, both agreeing it was an all time low.

These days, Tarek El Moussa is navigating life after his separation from ex-wife Christina. It hasn’t been an easy road for Tarek since he was was diagnosed with both thyroid and testicular cancer in 2013. A fan of the series alerted the 36-year-old hone improvement series on HGTV.

Now, Tarek El Moussa has found tranquility and soles by staying healthy, being active and doing hot yoga. Read on to learn more on the benefits of healthy living and hot yoga…

Flip & Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Finds Strength in Hot Yoga

CelebNHealth247.com has this report on Tarek El Moussa, who has found an outlet in hot yoga that he picked up about six months ago.

We previously told you that Tarek turned to the gym and went from hot dad to DILF, now he’s taking healthy living a step further.

What can Tarek El Moussa tell you about hot yoga?

He says that he loves the mental and physical challenge of hot yoga.

The Flip or Flop season 7 star, 36, tells PEOPLE:

“I’m going through such a traumatic experience, and you’re always trying to find yourself and find different ways to release stress, and someone had mentioned hot yoga. And I just fell in love with it. I found that it was so difficult it would take away all my stress and my negative energy. It was kind of like therapy for me.”

The dad of two favors Radiant Yoga in Newport Beach, California, especially overcoming both thyroid and testicular cancer.

Flip & Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Finds Strength in Hot Yoga

Tarek recalled learning of his cancer after a fan noticed a lump on his neck and reached out to his show’s producers.

He recalls:

“The first thing I thought was I’m going to die and what is my family going to do? That’s how I dealt with it, but you know, the next day, I woke up and felt better and I tried to stay positive. I was just prepared to move forward and do whatever it is I needed to do to fight them and beat them.”

Since then, Tarek has turned to fitness, yoga and healthy living outside of house flipping. We previously told you that Tarek was seriously getting is shape.

Now, Mr. El Mousa continues to challenge himself with hot yoga. Why does he love the “gnarly” workout?

He says:

“It’s just so mentally challenging that it kind of frees your mind.”

After being diagnosed with cancer and overcoming it, then having doctors telling him that he wouldn’t pick up a weight again thanks to a crippling back injury.

He went on a mission to prove them wrong, and he been doing just that.

El Moussa says:

“That was the most horrific experience of my life. It was so debilitating that I couldn’t put my shoes on, I could barely walk, I had trouble sleeping. But I really worked hard to overcome that injury.”

He adds:

“I’m the type of guy where if I’m told I can’t do something, I want to prove that I can do it, so when they told me that the first thing I thought is, well, I’m going to prove you wrong. I think the mind is more powerful than the body.”


Flip & Flop Star Tarek El Moussa Finds Strength in Hot Yoga

Tarek reveals the doctors were wrong, because he’s lifting weights, doing yoga, snowboarding, Surfing and more:

“Today I am lifting weights, I am doing yoga, I am snowboarding, I am wake surfing. So I’m at the point where I feel like my back is 99 percent to where it used to be, and I’ve gotten there with a lot of hard work, with yoga and stretching and building my core, and making sure a lot of my exercises are focused on supporting my back.”

“I went through cancer twice, and I hurt my back, and I worked so hard to get back, and I thought, you know what, let’s just inspire people. It was an interesting reaction. People have watched me on TV for many years, and each season I look different. One season I’m 230 lbs., and then one season I’m 169 lbs., and in one I’m ghost white with black eyes from back pain. The last few years have just been the most challenging of my life, both mentally and physically. I’m glad I posted them.”

Continue the good work. And for anybody reading, if you have drive, determination, then you can do anything you put your mind to do.

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