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Terron Beckham Challenges Fans To His Extreme Workout

Terron Beckham Challenges Fans To His Extreme Workout

Odeal Beckham Jr is one of the sexiest men in the NFL, but let’s NOT forget his cousin and fitness model Terron Beckham, who is a hunk of glory!

If you’ve been paying attention to Terron Beckham social media feed then you may have noticed he’s a beast these days! We previously showed you photos of Terron before, but these days he’s Hulk mode. Read on and check out Terron these days…

Terron Beckham Challenges Fans To His Extreme Workout has the latest on the 24-year-old WWE prospect who says that “gaming has been apart of my life since the start and I do this because I love it.”

Terron Beckham took to Instagram to challenge his followers asking, “Who thinks they can complete a gym session with me ???”

The fitness extreme muscled hunk is pushing for greatness with a body everyone thirsts to have.

Beckham posted this photo along with a diet tip.

“I do what I can …. cutting a few things out my diet tomorrow… cheese and bread … two things I eat on the daily.. so let’s see how far I can go?”

Terron Beckham Challenges Fans To His Extreme Workout

Terron posted his extreme workout for all to see, are is someone is ready to take on the challenge and see who can “complete a gym session with” him?

The Teen Titan fans admits he hates the thickness of his legs:

“One thing about me … I actually don’t like having overly big legs.. I try not to grow them cause it gets uncomfortable, my training mainly is just for performance and strength ?, my calves are already an issue .. yes an issue, they are super tight all the time, which makes my ankle mobility piss poor and trying to put on jeans is a pain.”

Terron Beckham Challenges Fans To His Extreme Workout

What is interesting, no matter how good one looks, there is always something they don’t like about their body. We disagree, his legs are perfection.


Terron Beckham’s workout is crazy and only for the advanced in shape athletes who like a challenge

He wrote:

“Power the f-ck Up…. I tried 405 today after a 705 deadlift and then tried 485 right before this ?? that sht went no where.”

He goes on to show you his bicep workout saying:

“210lbs each side @spartagymwestbury was what I needed to ignite the flame ….. it’s go time baby.. this gym is epic so mad I am just finding out about it.”

He takes pull ups to a whole other level with a back flip…it’s insane!

Photos: Instagram

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