Terron Beckham

Terron Beckham Workouts Like A Beast


Odell Beckham Jr. cousins body is a perfectly sculpted, but the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. cousin Terron Beckham Workouts Like A Body Builder to get that body perfect!!!

Flip and see what Terron Beckham workout consists of and what the NY Giants WR is talking…..

Terron Beckham

Ladies we know that you’ll agree with us when we say Terron Beckham body is gorgeous. He is not only sexy, but Terron Beckham puts in time to get that NFL body in tip-top shape!

Terron Beckham weighs in on himself and his body building workout.

Terron  explains:

“💥please understand💥I am not what many call a #bodybuilder … I never put myself in that category.. Even years ago when I competed I did physique because I did not want to get any bigger, I wanted to stay lean because my ultimate goal was to always play football at a professional level. –

I have a YouTube video explaining how simple it was for me to get how i am over the span of 5 years.. 23 years old going on 24 .. 225lbs , I’m sorry but I don’t understand how I am being accused… The reason why I got out of fitness competitions is because it’s all about the look and to even get the “look” at a pro level… Majority of people jump on something.. Which is why I stopped because I knew I could not look all super veiny, skin peeled, 0 water retention. So I said how I am now is fine, and I will continue to build myself naturally… –

People yes genetics play a roll but i got my ass in the gym 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day for year after year because I loved it.. I love being active and training for something that will better myself and so should you.. So stop the crying and let’s get going. I am only here to motivate and help those move forward.”

Terron Beckham had this to say about his MOST unnecessary craziest exercise, attempting to curl 405lbs:

“Most unnecessary craziest exercise I have ever done that got the most heat …. Attempting to curl 405lbs … This body curls … But hey it’s still 405lbs either way you look at it.”

Beckham’s workout is crazy! Take a look at him below.

He adds:

“315 power clean and overhead walk…Even though I took this overboard, this is a great way to build shoulder/back strength and stability. – $20 strength and performance program (LinkedIn bio) not for the weak of heart…. Will power needed “

Beckham shows you how to do 30 sec bench press sets to achieve goals:

He shows how to get bigger faster?

Terron Beckham says:

“Want to get a bigger bench ??? Work on speed … Yes speed… (This works on any lift) Band tension on bench with 225, 10 quick reps which is usually much, you regularly only need to do max 5 quick reps for 5 sets, got to got to got to get more explosive. I use about half my bench max (this is a little under which I ls why I did more reps) #aftermathklan #beckham #beast”

Checkout his dead lifts:

Bend over Row exercise:

Take a look at this hunky NFL baller, Terron Beckham Below:


Photos: Instagram/Odell Beckham Jr.


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