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“The Blind Side” Star Quinton Aaron Hospitalized

"The Blind Side" Star Quinton Aaron Hospitalized

“The Blind Side” star Quinton Aaron thought he had a mere cold but it turned out to be something way more serious.

Quinton Aaron took to social media to address the elephant in the room and give it to ya “from the horse’s mouth” so to speak. Read on…


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I Appreciate the love and prayers and continue to have faith that it’s all gonna be ok!

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CelebNHealth247.com reports that Quinton Aaron scared the crap out of people Tuesday when he posted a video of himself bedside in a hospital, saying he was gonna be alright, but did not disclose the issue.

In the video you can see that Quinton Aaron looks scared and worried and he is sitting in a hospital room on oxygen.

Quinton Aaron said that he had been sick for a couple of months and was unable to shake it, so he took himself to the hospital.

When he got the results back the hospital told him they had to admit him since he has a full-blown upper respiratory infection! He adds that his bronchitis had flared up.

Like we stated, Quinton says he’d been battling what felt like bad congestion since early May:

Luckily Quinton will be walking out of the hospital Wednesday after being treated for a few days.

Trust us, the upper respiratory infection he is speaking of has been going around, a few of our staff members were down for a couple of months. If you hear someone coughing deep, stay away, you do NOT want this upper respiratory infection that is going around

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