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The Mary Tyler Moore Show Star Valerie Harper Dead at 80

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Star Valerie Harper Has Died

TV icon and legend Valerie Harper who starred in many classic sitcoms including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Rhoda” and “Valerie” has died.

For a number of years Valerie Harper has been battling cancer and on Friday morning she lost. Read on for more about Valerie Harper Dead at 80…

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Star Valerie Harper Has Died

CelebNHealth247.com has the latest celebrity news regarding one of our favorite TV ladies, Valerie Harper who lost her battle to cancer early on Friday morning.

Over the years Valerie Harper was dealt with a ton of health issues and back in 2009, she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

She put up a great fight and got 11 more years after beating cancer and it going into remission. But in 2013, it was announced that she terminal brain cancer.

That is one thing about cancer, once you get it tends to switch up on you and move to a new area. For Valarie, it was her brain.

Doctors said she only had three months to live after the brain cancer diagnosis, but she responded well to treatment and actually competed on “Dancing With the Stars” later that year.

One thing we can say about Mrs. Harper is that she was a true fighter.

Valerie was rushed to a hospital in 2015 after suffering a medical emergency during a performance of a musical in Maine, TMZ previously reported.

Valarie Harper History:

Harper was born in New York and she enjoyed a successful career on Broadway before she landed the role of Rhoda on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” which then led to the spin-off show “Rhoda.”

She came back to television several years later on the show “Valerie,” but left after two seasons.

Harper also won four Emmys and one Golden Globe for her various roles.

Valerie was 80. #RIP

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