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Tim McGraw Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tim McGraw Workout

How did Tim McGraw get that ripped body in 2013? Well we have the inside track with Tim McGraw Workout Routine and Diet Plan!!!

The sexy Country singer reveals what motivates him to keep his body toned and sculpted before every tour and event to look so hot…

Tim McGraw Workout

Most people cringe when you say hit the gym or we need to diet, but Tim McGraw shared this awesome workout routine that will surely get you in shape for summer!

Now you could probably modify it for yourself, but Tim’s workout will not only show results, it is spiritually motivating, so make sure to read along.

For Tim, he made some life changes with a Unique Workout Motivation after  his ugly legal battle with Curb Records which took a long time to resolve. The battle effect  the mind of the singer making him feel frustrated and his creativity suffered so he turned to controlling his physical well being.

Not only that, Tm McGraw is doing it for his kids and marriage. He wanted to be a better husband and father, so  enhance his fitness routine and reduce alcohol intake after his kids  told him to do something about it.

With the life change, The son of the late baseball player Tug McGraw learned the Physiological Benefits of a working out and now Tim works out three times a day which had a “domino effect” on him. It helped him to be in a better mental state and his competitive streak got better too. It even further motivated him to workout really hard.


Tim McGraw also changed his diet. He used to eat a lot more calories as compared to the calories burned during his workout. He realized that he was eating more than he should but it was a hard habit to break.

Tim trains with Roger Yuan. He’s taught Tim a lot of things about fitness and they work out together once or twice a year. Yuan is a fan of yoga, weight training, martial arts and CrossFit.

Tim McGraw workout

Here is the Tim McGraw Workout Routine and Diet Plan step by step  below:

The three-time Grammy winner has a special workout for tours and special events. He begins with attaching 40-pound weights to his ankles at 11 in the morning and running on a hill. He then takes a break for lunch at 2:15 pm. After lunch, he does 12 circuits of CrossFit exercise. He usually has the company of band and crew members on this workout session. The tasks he does as a part of CrossFit are quite difficult. They include squatting and slamming heavy battle ropes to the ground and throwing sledgehammers on a truck tire. He also does “Manmaker” exercise in which a person has to do a combination of dumbbell lifts and a burpee.

Tim McGraw Workout

For Endurance

Tim also wanted to be fit because he wanted better endurance while performing. He wanted to have enough stamina and energy to perform live for a 2-hour show without taking a break.

Tim McGraw Workout

Workout Equipment Preference

The Louisiana-born has devised a unique solution to the problem of working out when he is on the move. He does his tours in a trailer that can be transformed into a portable gym. The equipment he likes using the most include exercise balls, battle ropes, a tractor tire, sledgehammers, 20-pound chains, attachable weights, and dumbbells.

Tim McGraw Workout

Workout Gear Preference

The workout gear of the actor is quite comfortable. He wears gray cotton shorts and tennis shoes only.

Tim McGraw Workout

According to People Magazine, the Tim McGraw workout routine looks like this:

-Morning Workout: Cardio like running or basketball
-Early Afternoon Workout: CrossFit and/or more cardio
-Afternoon Workout: Weight or Plyometric training (see table below)

Tim McGraw started his exercise plan 6 years ago, in 2008. His workout was the key to his 40 pounds of weight loss. Tim McGraw’s weight loss was also due to a near-Paleo diet. When not touring, Tim McGraw has 3 workouts per day, lasting 3.5-4 hours. The workouts consist of:After breakfast (8-9 AM), Before Lunch (12-1 PM) and Before Dinner (4-5:30PM).


Diet Plan on a Tour:

The Tim McGraw diet is mostly about a Paleo approach to food. This means you focus on what a “Cave Man” would eat. The most important thing is that 10,000 years ago, there was no access to grain. So, you can’t eat bread, flour, or just about any other grain.

When the talented singer wants to look good for a tour, award show or any other event, he likes to follow a special diet. As a part of this diet, he eats some oatmeal with walnuts, dried cherries, and pure Canadian maple syrup. During mid morning, he has a protein shake. Lunch usually involves tuna with avocado, walnuts, apples, some chillies, and eggs. He also likes to have an afternoon protein shake. Dinner involves eating some chicken breast (grilled) with polenta or spinach with half of sweet potato, steamed broccoli or asparagus. He often has yogurt with granola before going to bed.

Tim McGraw abs

The Paleo diet is proven to aid in weight loss, lowering hypertension and preventing “Western” diseases. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Joe Manganiello and Jessica Alba. Jack Osbourne, singer Ozzy Osbourne’s son, says he even lost 70 pounds on the Paleo diet!

Bottom line is Always Work Hard

The singing icon used to play basketball and baseball in his youth and the lesson imparted by his coach is still engraved in his memory. The coach used to say that practice should be harder than the game. So if you work really hard when preparing for a show or event, the show will become easy.


Here are more sexy photos of Tim McGraws toned and tight body below:

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