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Trevante Rhodes Workout to Keep A Solid Body is A “Peaceful” Approach

Trevante Rhodes Workout to Keep A Solid Body is A "Peaceful" Approach

While most Americans are turning over for another 30 minutes of sleep, Bird Box actor and Hollywood’s next leading man, Trevante Rhodes is getting his workout on.

The Aquarius (February 10, 1990) born hunk reveals that his workouts start at 8 AM. Read on to learn how Trevante Rhodes keeps those sick abs perfect…

Trevante Rhodes Workout to Keep A Solid Body is A "Peaceful" ApproachCelebNHealth247.com reports, Trevante Rhodes tells Men’s Health of his highly regimented regimen and how one who wants success needs to be at 4 AM.

To be as handsome and in shape as Trevante Rhodes, one has to understand that it takes the drive, motivation, desire and you need to put in the work.

He begins his day to have a sound mind by “meditate” first followed by keeping a solid body with a “peaceful” approach to working out.

Trevante explains:

I wake up at 4:30, I meditate, then I go to the gym for a couple hours, do abs, whatever muscle that is for the day, we jog, and we start our day at eight.

This helps to explain the increasing success of Rhodes in the last two years following his breakout role in Barry Jenkins’ Oscar-winning Moonlight.

While discussing Bird Box, his career, and his holistic approach to fitness Rhodes says:

I think it’s kind of like a chicken-and-egg thing. But I think everything starts mentally. Everything starts mentally and spiritually, emotionally, all of those things. Everything is, for me at least, inside out.

Trevante goes on to explain his views on what it takes to have drive. Instead of an alarm clock’s caterwauling is met with exhausted appraisal Rhodes takes a different approach, enthusiasm.

He says:

I’m human. The alarm goes off, I’m like, ‘Ah, I want to sleep!

Unfortunately, the days when sleep wins, the 28-year-old junk notes, are the days when he simply doesn’t feel the same.

This is why Trevante has chosen his lifestyle saying:

I know that personally, I need this, and I need to get up, I need to drink my water, I need to do all these things for me to continue the quality of life that I like.

Trevante Rhodes Workout to Keep A Solid Body is A "Peaceful" Approach

Trevante Rhodes Workout:

We found it interesting how he describes his workouts are damn near poetic because its a process of breaking down both body and mind through fatigue, washing that fatigue away in the shower, and emerging invigorated for the day.

The former football and University of Texas track star reveal:

I jog on the treadmill with the lights off, man. It’s just peaceful, you know? I know it sounds strange, but it’s so quiet, I feel like you can breathe.

He explains that its a mindset, a good philosophy for taking life as it comes at you, he chuckles while explaining:

Honestly man, it’s real weird. Or not weird but… at least me personally, I don’t see that. To me it just seems real slow. I guess I just live every day as every day.

At the end of the day, the man keeps his body look fantastic and the ladies are loving it!

You can see him now in Netflix social thriller alongside Sandra Bullock in Bird Box, an adaptation of the 2014 Josh Malerman novel.

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