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Tyson Beckford Writes Heartfelt Open Letter over Joe Gambino Death

Tyson Beckford Writes Heartfelt Open Letter over Joe Gambino Death

Joe Gambino, Bodybuilder and longtime friend to Tryson Beckford died a few days ago. Tyson Beckford took to Instagram writing a heartfelt open letter. Tyson is heartbroken about the loss of his friend.

Flip and read what Tyson Beckford had to say about losing Joe Gambino

Tyson Beckford Writes Heartfelt Open Letter over Joe Gambino Death



Bodybuilder, Joe Gambino died at the age of 28. He was originally from North Rockland, but moved to Las Vegas. He worked alongside Jai Shaun White Property Host for WYNN/ENCORE Surrender/ Encore Beach / XS.

It’s unknown how, Joe Gambino died. What we do know is that he and Tyson Beckford were close. There are no details in any of the Las Vegas papers about his passing. However, we looked at his social media and learned that Joe was looking forward to 2017. He posted this message on New Years Eve, standing with Jai Shaun White. Meanwhile friends of Joe posted online “wish he stayed back home here in N.Y. R.I.P life was easier back in North Rockland and Worlds Gym how it all started.”

On New Years, Gambino wrote:

“Walking into 2017… like a BOSS!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS !!!”

It’s sad because he only made it a month into 2017. Joe Gambino was only 28-years-old. Tyson Beckford got word that Joe Gambino died and he took the news hard, so he decided to express his feelings on social media.

Tyson Beckford wrote a touching and heartfelt open letter on his Instagram:

“RIP Joe Gambino. I’m so mad and upset,this guy was like a lil brother to me and we would fight like them too! I always protected you from the evils of life but I feel like I failed brother. Even when we was mad at each it was always love and wanting the best for each other. I told you stay in NYC but I guess it was your destiny. I dunno what Ima do now without being able to call you when I’m stressed or when I just wanna just check on you…

…Guess you will be checking on me now. Today I felt you in my presence and I found myself saying your name as if you was there talking to me about the fun nite we had out those many nites in NYC and Vegas. Gonna miss that smile,and that energy. 28 is so young to loose you and I can’t imagine what your family is going threw. I know I tried hard masking it today but being in the gym reminds me of you and how krazy we would push each other. God has a new “lil brother now. “I’m I my brothers keeper””


Tyson Beckford Writes Heartfelt Open Letter over Joe Gambino Death

Joe’s other close friend, Jai Shaun White had this to say about the loss of his friend:

“I’m not a person of many words .. but I don’t think there are enough words to express how much you mean to me. Enough words to express how much I’m gonna miss my brother… I have never met a more loyal.. loving .. honest… crazy… individual. You spoke from the heart, you always knew exactly were you stood with him. We talked damn near everyday, about what we would do if made it big. And not one time did you say “I” it was always “We”.”

Jai Shaun White explains that he looked up to Joe:

“I told you when you moved here I got you .. Even though you are younger than me, I looked up to you. You were wise beyond your years, an old soul .. I learned a lot from you .. You kept me motivated no matter in the gym.. at work … hell in life. Though we were not blood NO ONE couldn’t tell me you were not MY BROTHER and I know you felt the same … I miss you .. I love you.. know that I tried to save you … but God had other plans he needed you. In the short amount of time you were here you left a forever lasting impact on all of us. Your larger than life personality will never ever be forgotten. So until we meet again I’m gonna celebrate your life.. I love you bro … #RIP @_joegambino”

Just last week Joe posted this photo with his girlfriend aka his #lilmunchskin

Tyson Beckford Writes Heartfelt Open Letter over Joe Gambino Death


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