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“16 and Pregnant” Valerie Fairman Dead; Farrah Abraham Heartbroken

"16 and Pregnant" Star Valerie Fairman Dead; Farrah Abraham Heartbroken

Valerie Fairman, star of the reality show “16 and Pregnant,” was found dead right before Christmas after she took her own life, by overdose!!!

This year has been incredibly depressing with so many people dying. Get more details on Valerie Fairman

"16 and Pregnant" Star Valerie Fairman Dead; Farrah Abraham Heartbroken

CelebNHealth247.com has learned the shocking truth that 23-year-old Valerie Fairman locked herself in a bathroom and took her own life.

According to friends Fairman was at a friend’s home in Coatsville, Pennsylvania when she overdosed while locked in the bathroom. Her friends called out to her, but when they heard nothing, they broke down the door only to find Fairman unresponsive on the floor.

The “16 and Pregnant,” has a history of being arrested multiple times, stemming from prostitution to providing false ID to law enforcement. The young mom, leaves behind her daughter, a 7-year-old, Nevaeh, who is currently with her grandmother.

Valerie Fairman taken into custody just last week for resisting arrest, according to the NY Daily News. We will let you more once the coroner completes the toxicology tests to determine the exact cause of death.

Hopefully her soul can find happiness, since she seems to have been a troubled person struggling with life choices. Her passing caused a shockwave among MTV reality TV alums.


"16 and Pregnant" Star Valerie Fairman Dead; Farrah Abraham Heartbroken

Farrah Abraham Heartbroken Over Valerie Fairman Suicide:

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham did not co-star with Fairman on any MTV productions, Fairman’s passing seems to have hit Abraham deeply.

Abraham voiced her thoughts on Fairman’s tragic passing and the disturbing parallels in her own life.

Farrah Abraham states via Oxygen:

“I’ve been so hurt by that all day. Valerie is so gorgeous. She’s so pretty and her daughter is just so amazing. “It really hurts me. Just like Sophia’s dad, who was just surrounded by people, even though you’re using drugs.”

She continued:

“It’s such an experimental time from our teens to our 20s. I’m not judging anyone who is recreational [with their drug use] because we all may do that, just some people don’t live through it. Some people don’t have the right surroundings to help get them through an experimental time or a tough time.”

Farrah concluded:

“I didn’t really speak to her, but all I know is it really hurt me because, you know, I thought to myself, ‘What if Sophia never had me?'”

What do you think about Valerie Fairman taking her life by overdose?

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