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Vinny Guadagnino The Keto Guido Proves it Works

Vinny Guadagnino The Keto Guido Proves it Works

The Keto Guido, best known as Vinny Guadagnino from The Jersey Shore has some great tips for anyone who wants to change their eating habits and go Keto.

If you are thinking about going Keto, we have to say, it’s NOT too hard and very simple. Vinny Guadagnino reveals what he has been doing to keep his body in shape and healthy. Read on…

Vinny Guadagnino The Keto Guido Proves it WorksCelebNHealth247.com reports that Vinny Guadagnino the Keto Guido posted his workout and a series of healthy Keto meals for anyone wanting to go Keto.

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It lowers blood sugar and insulin levels and shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat and ketones.

Vinny changed up his way of eating and these days he is looking great.

He captioned a photo of himself before on the left and now on the right. And the Jersey Shore star makes sure to point out “No steroids, No supplements!”

Guadagnino states:

Left: bread, pasta, sugar, fried food, low-fat products. – Right: bacon, full fat cheese, avocados,  fatty steak,  fatty fish, and greens…

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino revealed his workout while staying healthy and eating Keto.

He explains:

This is only 40 seconds of a 2 and a half hour workout but there’s almost nothing better than a full boxing workout followed by a few rounds of killing your abs and running steps .. that painful feeling you get when you want to die/quit and have to muster up every ounce of strength to just finish your the round . You have to look for that pain and show it you’re not afraid. You’re at war with yourself in the gym and nobody else. And after you win the war of finishing your workout, you’re mood instantly increases and you feel chill af.

He adds:

Warning! Being Keto and working out like this (boxing, calisthenics, lifting weights a few times a week)is NOT a way to get a jacked juice bag body. It’s a way just to feel healthy and fit in a sustainable way.

Vinny concludes:

PS- newsflash! I’m not a professional boxer to all of the armchair experts who are going to criticize every move that they see because they’re own life is miserable! I also know that my feet are too big for those steps so I run like a ?

As for some of his meals, Vinny posted some delicious ideas if you are looking for a Keto meal but have no idea what to make. Get all the details on his eating in each photo:

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