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‘Westworld’ star Thandie Newton Surviving “Sexually Abuse”

'Westworld' star Thandie Newton Surviving "Sexually Abuse"

‘Westworld’ star Thandie Newton is a survivor of Hollywood’s dark side and trials and tribulation of wanting to become an actress in entertainment.

Thandie Newton has her own story on Surviving “sexually abuse.” Continue on…

'Westworld' star Thandie Newton Surviving "Sexually Abuse"CelebNHealth247.com reports that Thandie has previously claimed she was sexually abused by a casting director during her teens, and admits she found the experience difficult to move past.

Thandie Newton, 46, said that afte the experience she felt “worthless” and “ashamed” for a long time. She felt it “very hard” to recover as a survivor of abuse.

She said:

The sense of worthlessness, shame – these things are very hard to move on from. But you can.

These days, Thandie wants to make sure her young children – Ripley, 18, Nico, 14, and Booker, five – understand how “important and possible it is to change.”

In today’s world where everyone is hypersensitive, judgemental ad discriminative, she wants her children to be different.

Newton wants her kids to grow up with a respect for the “responsibility” they have not to “hurt anybody.”

Thandie speaks on surviving sexual abuse in Marie Claire’s May 2019 issue which hits newsstands on April 23:

One of the things I relish in life is taking responsibility for the things I have inadvertently or otherwise done that have hurt anybody. Particularly with my children, I want them to see how important and possible it is to change.

Thandie, who has been “an activist ending violence against women and girls for over 20 years” appreciates the Hollywood community’s efforts to help end violence against women. Especially these days in the wake of the Hollywood sex scandal in 2017 and the continuing claims against R. Kelly.

She said:

The key now is to keep up the pressure, and not expect overnight change. Our children and grandchildren will inevitably inherit our challenges, but thankfully they’ll also inherit the tools of our activism.

The Hollywood actress, who was sexually abused by a casting director during her teens, concludes:

I wasn’t mainstream enough and I wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year, even though I am having a renaissance in my career.

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