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What’s Up with Ariana Grande Ponytail

If you haven’t seen Ariana Grande’s new ponytail then we have the latest for you. What is the pop diva trying to say with her moon inspired look?

Ariana Grande took to social media with a five-planet ponytail which has fans in ahh of her new look. Read on to get more on Ariana Grande ponytail… has the latest beauty look from Ariana Grande, a bubble ponytail adorned with a black bow.

Grande had fans weighing in the comment section after she posted her first photo with the phases of the moon emoji, leading us to obviously see a correlation between the eight spheres in her ponytail and the eight planets in our solar system.

Ariana took to social media and captioned the photo with these planet emoji:

What's Up with Ariana Grande Ponytail

Grande recently released the song “NASA” on her album Thank U, Next album which has us to believe that the new look is for a planetary hairstyle for some sort of visual for the song.

She added in a second post:

I would very much enjoy some more planet emojis next update, please. I could really use a Jupiter a Neptune and a Saturn.

What's Up with Ariana Grande Ponytail

Grande is known for teasing music videos on social media well before their release. The posts by the “Thank U” pop singer made many fans quick to assume the look was for a forthcoming “NASA” music video.

After a fan made that assumption on Twitter, Grande quickly shut them down saying “no” with a black heart emoji.

What's Up with Ariana Grande Ponytail

She is gearing up for her Sweetener World Tour, so maybe this is a project piece that can only be seen on her tour?

Whatever Ariana Grande is doing we should get some type of word in the near future. As for now, its all speculation on our part until she drops more hints or just comes out and says what it is.

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