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Why A Flu Shot Will NOT Protect You From Coronavirus

Why A Flu Shot Will NOT Protect You From Coronavirus

Why A Flu Shot Will NOT Protect You From Coronavirus?

There are believes that getting a flu shot will help minimize the risk of infection, but here is the latest update on why the flu shot will not protect you from the Coronavirus. Read on for more on why a flu shot will NOT Protect Coronavirus reports that the Coronavirus outbreak has been growing as more an more people are getting infected. We feel that maybe the airlines should close down travel until the world can get the epidemic under control.

By closing down the airports and all air travel, it should help the spread of the Coronavirus (which is NOT related to Corona Beer). This way it keeps the infected parties in their own countries. If the world and the airlines would do this, it would stop the outbreak from spreading until there is a cure or a antibiotic the kill the disease.

That sounds like the logical thing to do, but the world won’t allow health first when they can make money on airline travel.

Which leads up to the main topic, “why a flu shot will NOT protect you from the Coronavirus.”

On March 2nd, President Donald Trump asked during a White house round-table discussion between his coronavirus task force and pharmaceutical company executives.

Trump’s question was answered with a direct “no” from an executive.

The flu vaccine is designed to prevent infections with influenza viruses, which are very different than coronaviruses. But the answer is slightly more complicated than that: The flu vaccine won’t prevent you from getting a coronavirus, but it can help officials better respond to the outbreak of COVID-19, the disease caused by the new virus.

Dr. Albert Ko, a professor and department chair at the Yale School of Public Health replied:

I do think immunizing people against influenza has a very important indirect effect.

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Why A Flu Shot Will NOT Protect You From Coronavirus

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