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Winston Duke Advocates For Diabetes Awareness

Winston Duke Advocates For Diabetes Awareness

Winston Duke Advocates For Diabetes Awareness!

The Black Panther star wants people to realize that we all need to start advocating for diabetes because it affects all of us. Read on for more as Winston Duke advocates for diabetes awareness… reports that diabetes affects an estimated 30.3 million people in the United States. Among those with the disease are several family members of “Black Panther” and “Us” actor Winston Duke.

Winston Duke has prediabetes, which means his average blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to signify type 2 diabetes (T2D). The diagnosis changed the way Duke lives.

While genetics can play a role in insulin resistance and T2D, anyone with a family history of diabetes can help prevent complications with diet and exercise. But it all starts with a conversation.

Since Winston Duke has realized his situation health-wise, he has become an advocate for diabetes awareness.

Winston Duke Advocates For Diabetes Awareness

Here is what the Us star had to say recently:

We need to change what the definition of ‘awareness’ is. Raising awareness for families and social groups can be your platform. Letting family members know it is okay to have an open conversation. Within your own network, you can be a diabetes advocate.

He goes on to explain one of the changes he has made in his daily lifestyle to prevent diabetes since it runs in his family.

Duke explains:

I eat practically once every three hours to control my insulin levels. I work out regularly, and eat complex carbohydrates and foods with a low glycemic index. Those foods include whole grains, fruits, non-starchy veggies, and lean protein.

In a recent campaign advocating for diabetes awareness Winston Duke speaks on the death of his grandmother:

My grandmother passed away from diabetes complications, and I’ve lost two aunts, and an uncle, and multiple cousins to diabetes complications. But [diabetes] isn’t actually a death sentence. While it can be a dichotomy with the disease, as it is very serious and can lead to consequences, as it did with my family, it can be managed with nutrition and exercise.


Take a look at some of his workout:


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