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Yung Joc Gets Wicked 3D Tupac Haircut at Eshelon Salon

Yung Joc Gets Wicked 3D Tupac Haircut at Eshelon Salon

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiered on VH1 tonight and Yung Joc was one step ahead with his marketing campaign for his Eshelon Salon.

Yung Joc took the internet by storm with his latest haircut of Tupac on the left side of his head and a TMZ logo on the right. Read on for more…

CelebNHealth247.com reports that last season Yung Joc threw a grand opening of his Salon Eshelon, the hair salon owned by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Yung Joc and his hair stylist Sharonda.

Yung Joc took it upon himself over the weekend with his latest haircut, with a Tupac on the back left side of his head.

The cut is one of the most out there insane, yet sickest cuts you could get in the Atlanta area. Joc knows exactly what he was doing posting the video.

Of course, the video went viral and the media is eating it up, and that is when Joc weighed in saying this:

By the time y’all figure it out… My Marketing Company will have already cleared $20 million….. Thank you

When asked about the 3D Tupac cut, he said the 3D haircut was a delicate affair that required mastery precision.

Pac’s “hair” is actually popping out of Joc’s own head, as the barber left a patch of his hair to capture the real-life effect. In his video, you can hear Joc’s pals admiring the work, and for good reason … it looks incredible.

He notes he’ll have to be careful with it since it’s on the side of his dome. As he says, one scratch can screw up the image.

This isn’t the first time Joc has played around with different hairstyles. Yung Joc has done plenty in the past like his Usher look, or his Hair & Fleek blue hair, and his infamous NeNe Leakes hair…

The entrepreneur even flipped his hairstyles into a meme on a T-shirt.

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