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John Berry: Farewell to Beastie Boys Guitarist

Farewell To Beastie Boys Guitarist John Berry

We have to bid farewell to Beastie Boys Guitarist founding member John Berry who passed this week at the young age of 52!!!

Get the details on John Berry’s death on the flip…

Farewell To Beastie Boys Guitarist John Berry

CelebNHealth247.com has learned that John Berry suffered from frontal lobe dementia and his health had been in decline for years, his stepmother Louise Berry told the Associated Press.

Here is what has been reported on the original member of the rap group Beastie Boys Guitarist John Berry, an , who died on Wednesday.

Rolling Stone reports:

He was 52, and passed away in hospice in Danvers, Massachusetts this morning, Rolling Stone reports. Berry was in the Beastie Boys from 1981-82. He is credited with giving the group its name. He played on the Beastie Boys’ first EP Polly Wog Stew before exiting the group in 1982.

He was later replaced by Ad-Rock. Berry is the second member of the iconic group to pass away. Rapper Adam “MCA” Yauch died back in 2012. Berry was originally in a band calledthe Young Aborigines with Mike D and Kate Schellenbach.

When the trio met Yauch, they took up the moniker Beastie Boys.

Thank you for your wonderful creativity and music. RIP John.

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