COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each!

Like we’ve previously reported, there are three COVID-19 vaccines being distributed in the US, Canada and Europe currently.

Meanwhile, there are two additional vaccines awaiting approval to begin distribution in the US – those two are The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, which has been stopped in England due to causing blood clots and the Novavax’s vaccine, which has been in test studies on individuals since January of 2021.

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each has the breakdown of each of the COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects and what to expect from each of the five types.

Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech so far have been selling the majority of their doses to high-income countries, including the U.S., Canada and the European Union. These are also the most expensive vaccines. costing each country $20. and $15. per shot in the U.S.

AstraZeneca-Oxford has the cheapest of the five vaccines. The company has committed not to profit from it while the pandemic lasts.  The AstraZeneca-Oxford is $10. per shot as is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Though, there have been reports of different prices being paid by governments in different parts of the world.

President Joe Biden said in March that the U.S. will have enough vaccines for every adult in the U.S. by the end of May.

What about safety and side effects?

What we can tell you so far is our experience, we have received the Moderna vaccine and as a male, I had a scratchy throat 30 mins after the first shot, and at the three hour mark, I had hot flashes and sweats that lasted for two hours. The next two days after the first shot, i was fatigued and tired. Since then all good.  One of our female writers, she got the Moderna vaccine too, she was tired, had the sweats, cold chills and nausea for 7 days. She is doing fine now. We will update when we get our second shot in 20 days.

Here is What You Can Expect From the Vaccines:

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each

COVID-19 Vaccine Side-Effects: What To Expect From Each

Which Vaccines works better than others?

In its large-scale trial, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was shown to prevent 95% of symptomatic COVID-19, just 1 percentage point more than Moderna’s. Both vaccines appear to be equally protective across age groups and racial and ethnic groups.

The J&J vaccine was shown to be 72% effective in moderate to severe disease and 85% effective in preventing the most severe disease.

AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine was 76% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 two weeks after the second dose and was 100% effective in stopping severe disease and hospitalization in a U.S.-based clinical trial, according to the company.

In a trial in the U.K., two doses of the Novavax vaccine were shown to be nearly 90% effective against symptomatic COVID-19, though just 50% effective in a smaller South African trial.

How Long Do The Vaccines Last?

It remains unclear how long any of these vaccines will continue to protect people. While the small number of early trial participants have maintained levels of protective antibodies for nearly a year, companies will continue to follow volunteers for two years to see if their immunity begins to wane. Periodic booster shots to extend immunity and/or protect against new variants of the virus might be needed.

And although a growing body of research suggests that vaccines will also protect people from passing on the virus – even if they don’t have symptoms – that remains to be confirmed.