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Did Dave Mirra Have CTE

Dave Mirra

Did you hear that World famous BMX’er Dave Mirra may have had a brain condition which asks the question Did Dave Mirra Have CTE?

CelebNHealth247.com has the latest details on BMX’er Dave Mirra and what really contributed to his unfortunate alleged suicide on the flip…


Did Dave Mirra Have CTE?

According to the latest reports on the star’s death, its alleging Mirra may have been suffering from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) for quite some time before his passing.

CTE is a progressive brain disease that results from brain damage. The damage that may have resulted from his career in extreme sports.

Did CTE drive Mirra to suicide?

Here is what CelebNHealth247.com has learned via People, who is claiming the star may have foreshadowed his growing depression during an interview from 2004.

He told People [via RumorFix]:

“I like to achieve things. When I do, it’s on to the next battle or the next quest. That’s how I see life,”

“It’s like a series of battles and quests. Once you’re done with them, then what? … I look for the next thing, every time.”


In addition, Mayor Allen Thomas of Greenville, where Mirra’s body was discovered by police, suggested that the athlete may have suffered from CTE, during a press conference on the star’s death. Mirra is said to have took his own life on Wednesday (Feb 4), but we find it weird how he was found in the trunk of a car. Was it suicide?

Dave Mirra

Thomas said:

“This is a young man … that had a pretty rugged sports career and took a lot of injuries in his career.”

Mirra “put his body out there” for years. “You have to give pause, and think and wonder, just as we hear about in brain trauma in football and other sports and activities, whether that played a factor. I don’t know that that’s the case.”

The BMX star was discovered by police in a truck in North Carolina with what appeared to be a self inflicted gunshot wound. It was also reported by multiple outlets that claim Mira, who had a wife and two children, was visiting the area to see friends at the time of his death.

What do you think, Did Dave Mirra have CTE?

Farewell Dave, you will be missed. RIP:

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