Don’t Ejaculate Health Benefits For Men

What Happens When You Don’t Ejaculate

Don’t Ejaculate Health Benefits For Men!

When it comes to NOT ejaculating during sex, there are some health benefits for men. Recently, Kevin Gates spoke out about how he practices not ejaculating because of the health benefits. Find out the Don’t Ejaculate Health Benefits… reports that there are some surprising health benefits of not ejaculating for men.

According to Premier Men’s Medical, men are always looking for an extra edge. It’s in our nature to constantly seek new ways in which we can become better, both at performing labor and tasks and as human beings.

We‘re constantly striving to improve our well being, most often in one of the following four areas:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Sexual
  1. If in pursuit of any of these, or even all, it may be surprising to learn of the benefits of not ejaculating. While it may seem counterintuitive, abstaining from ejaculation for a set period of time – be it a day, a week, or even months at a time – can have tangible positive effects across many aspects of our lives.
  2. To put it simply, not that much. Sperm that is not expelled is simply absorbed back into the body. This fact likely has led to the idea that not ejaculating can raise testosterone levels. The additional effects of abstaining from sexual activity or masturbation can go beyond physiology, though.
  3. Semen retention proponents cite a myriad of positive mental and emotional outcomes to this practice. You may notice a reduction of stress or anxiety in your daily life, along with a corresponding increase in motivation.
  4. Many men who have practiced semen retention have reported greater overall happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Others have purportedly experienced deeper, more meaningful relationships with their significant others.
  5. It was found that among the 28 volunteer participants, T levels maxed out on the seventh day. A study conducted two years prior resulted in elevated testosterone levels in those who did not ejaculate for three weeks straight. This all points to the physiological benefits manifesting quite quickly.

Elevated testosterone levels have been linked to the following improvements:

  • Thicker hair
  • Increased muscle growth
  • Greater energy levels
  • Improved sperm quality

Choosing Not to Ejaculate Can Have Many Sexual Health Benefits:

  1. There are multiple health benefits for men who decide not to ejaculate—be they mental, spiritual, physical, or even sexual. A longer, more intense orgasm is the most often credited result. This belief can be seen in ancient practices like tantric sex, or more modern ones like edging – that is, bringing oneself just to the point of orgasm before stopping and beginning again.