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Felicity Jones Learns Skincare Is A Relationship

Felicity Jones Compares Skincare To Maintaining A Relationship

Actress Felicity Jones has an interesting view on skincare and the importance of having a ‘ritual’ for her complexion.

According to Felicity Jones “I learned is the importance of having a ritual” which is like maintaining a relationship with your skin. Read on for more about Felicity Jones Skincare…

Felicity Jones Compares Skincare To Maintaining A Relationship reports that Felicity spoke with Marie Claire in an interview after visiting Japan and trying out some J-beauty products.

Felicity Jones realized that it takes “time to look after yourself and your skin and the effect that can have.”

The ‘On the Basis of Sex’ star goes on to say:

It’s like a relationship – the more you look after your skin, the better it looks, so I now have a routine that I love to do.

She believes beauty is all about quality over quantity and revealed she uses a rather pricey cleansing foam.

The 36-year-old actress was asked if she follows a 13-stage beauty routine as Koreans do, she replied:

No, no, I think that the power of skincare is in the simplicity and finding the best products that are a shortcut to looking good. I use the ClĂ© de Peau BeautĂ© Softening Cleansing Foam every single day and also their serum, which I’ll often work in using a facial massager…

Felicity, who is up bright and early for filming, uses a jade roller to help her wake up, adds:

I like to use that in the morning because it helps to wake your face up. If you are up early in the morning for shooting a jade roller definitely helps to have a little face gym going on beforehand!

Felicity Jones Compares Skincare To Maintaining A Relationship

She also revealed that she has started doing aromatherapy to relax and admitted she no longer feels ‘guilty’ about taking time off.

Jones says:

Actually I learned not to feel guilty about taking time out. I love having hot baths, doing yoga and I’m getting into aromatherapy, too.

And for the record, Felicity reveals her favorite oils:

Yeah, I love lavender oil. It’s just very simple and sometimes I’ll mix it with massage oil-based products and put them in the bath.

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