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Are Your Flip Flops Causing Havoc On Your Body?

Are Your Flip Flops Causing Havoc On Your Body?



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Those cute flip flops may be doing your body more harm than just having your toes exposed

Warm weather and open-toes shoes and sandals go hand in hand together. Who doesn’t love a good pair of flip flops? It’s the best all-around summer shoe. They’re easy to slip on or off, can withstand getting wet, fairly cheap and come in an array of colors. But before you rock flip flops the whole summer, you should know the affect it can have on your body, in particular your knees and posture.

CelebNHealth247.com reports that footwear can significantly change your posture, especially flat sandals. People who are flat-footed need to be especially mindful of the type of shoes they wear.

The type of arch your foot has also matters. The wrong footwear can lead to knee and hip pain.

When you’re walking around in flip flops you have to shorten your stride. You’re also curling or pinching your toes down to keep the flip flops on while you walk. What’s more, your foot contacts the ground in an unnatural way which causes your leg to rotate slightly.

Gerardo Miranda-Comas, an assistant professor in the department of rehabilitation and human performance at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai said:

The foot affects the ankle, the ankle affects the knee, the knee affects the hip, and the hip affects the spine.

He adds:

The body wants to be aligned, and as central as possible; it will adjust for that. A layer of shoe can help stabilize the body and improve alignment in general.

It’s important to remember that flip flops aren’t meant to be worn all day, every day. It can especially be easy to twist your ankle when walking on uneven terrain since flip flops offer zero ankle and posture support. Sure, you can wear them here and there for a couple hours a day but as much as we all want to, do not make them your go to footwear for the entire summer.

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