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Gucci Mane Fans Calling Him A Liar About Weight Loss

Gucci Mane Fans Calling Him A Liar About Weight Loss

Gucci Mane Fans hating on his Ab-tastic weight loss!

For some reason, fans of Gucci Mane are calling him a liar for shedding 100 lbs.

Do Gucci Mane fans forget that he was in prison and during that time he hit the yard and worked out on the regular slimming down? It was something he needed to do, and let’s be honest Gucci is a definite train to ride and the ladies know it, but this chocolate drop is married. Read on…


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They hate it when u happy ?

A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on has watched Gucci Mane go from fat to fit and the man did NOT get plastic surgery like the Twitter trolls are claiming.

Since his release, Gucci hasn’t faltered when it comes to his regimen. He kicked things up a notch and was proud to announce to fans earlier this year that he’s shed a very impressive 100 pounds.

A proud and fit Gucci Mane loves to show off his abs and body every chance he gets.


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SoIcy Biker Boy in Milan ? #BigGucci

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The Woptobber II rapper said in an Instagram videotaped by wife Keyshia Ka’oir:

I used to be fat. For people who ain’t in shape, people who ain’t healthy, people who need some inspiration, listen: I was 290 pounds, now I’m 190 pounds. I lost 100 pounds. I’m 190 right now. I said I’m 190! So check this out: You can do it if I can do it. Use me for inspiration. ‘Cause I’m seeing a lot ya’ll and y’all look terrible.


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Only The Strong Survive ?? #BigWop

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Of course, haters will hate:

Here is what they’ve been saying on Twitter:

His weight loss is unnatural and facial structure changed. His wife also had loads of plastic surgery done too so she prolly gave him the alley-oop.

I wouldn’t be surprised since he got on fake teeth, a hairpiece and drawn on beard.

Gucci’s wife’s body is completely fake. She put him up on game.

And Gucci remains unfazed!

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