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Halsey: Music Helps Her Turn Mental Health Struggles Positive

Halsey: Music Helps Her Turn Mental Health Struggles Positive

Halsey opened up recently on how music has helped channel her mental health struggles into something positive for herself and her fans.

The one-time Grammy nominee, Halsey revealed her craft has become a saving grace when going through the severe highs and lows associated with a bipolar episode. Continue on for more on Halsey Mental Health Struggles…

Halsey: Music Helps Her Turn Mental Health Struggles Positive

CelebNHealth247.com reports that the “Bad At Love” singer likes the process of creating hits as it is like therapy for her bipolar disorder.

We all understand that Halsey mental health struggles has been a long road to a clear mind, but see what she has to say.

Halsey admits:

I have bipolar disorder, and I get bored of s–t really quickly. Music is this thing that I get to focus all my chaotic energy into, and it’s not a void that doesn’t love me back.

The “Nightmare” goes on to explain that creating hits is a form of artistry by using broken glass [fragments in her mind] to create a mosaic, adding:

It’s been the only place I can direct all that and have something to show for it that tells me, ‘Hey, you’re not that bad.’ If my brain is a bunch of broken glass, I get to make it into a mosaic.

Back in June, Halsey admitted in a conversation with Rolling Stone that she had been committed to mental institutions twice since first rising to fame in the music industry .

At the time of the article she had this to say about her mental health struggles:

Here’s what’s f–ked up to me: A young man seeks success and power so that he can use it to control people, and a young woman seeks success and power so that she no longer has to worry about being controlled. It’s an illusion, a f**king lie. There is no amount of success or notoriety that makes you safe when you’re a woman. None.

Her struggle with the illness dates back even further though, having been clinically diagnosed by the age of 17.

I shared a lot about myself, assuming the world would be kind. And that hasn’t quite been the case.

We applaud her for being so forthright about a sensitive subject with the world. Although, the process of sharing her deepest, darkest moments hasn’t exactly panned out as well as she had hoped.

Instead of support and understanding, the star said she’s had to deal with criticism from trolls left and right.

She recalled a particularly harsh message from a fan online.

Halsey shared:

‘Are you a crazy, rambunctious bad girl, or are you an activist, political, fund-raising philanthropist?’ Like, how f—ing immune are you to the human experience? Sometimes I want to have really good sex and sometimes I want to save the world, and sometimes I might try to do both in the same day!

She is not the only artist in the industry suffering from bipolar disorder. Fellow artist Kanye West shares the same mental health condition and candidly opened up about his own psychological episodes earlier this year in May.

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