Jeremih Family Gives Update on COVID-19 Battle

Jeremih Family Gives Update on COVID-19 Battle

Jeremih Family Gives Update on COVID-19 Battle!

According to the Family of singer Jeremih, he is NOT out of the woods yet. The singer is in the hospital after contracting COVID-19 on a ventilator. Read on for more on Jeremih COVID-19 Battle… previously reported that Jeremih, born Jeremy Phillip Felton, had received a “bleak” prognosis and is on a ventilator after testing positive with COVID-19.

What we have learned is that “COVID-19 viciously attacked his [Jeremih’s] body.”

Tough his family is hopeful that he will soon breath on his own again and survive this.

Here is the latest update on Jeremih for all of his friends and family.

A rep for the singer released a statement on behalf of his family, stating that he is currently on a ventilator in the ICU, after the virus “viciously attacked his body.”

The rep first said that Jeremih doesn’t have any underlying health conditions:

Jeremih is currently battling severe COVID-19 health complications. He’s in the ICU on a ventilator to help him breathe. The COVID-19 condition he’s experiencing is rare for a young man his age without underlying conditions.

Adding that there is no shame in contracting the virus, but COVID-19 is not to be taken lightly.

His family would like to remind the world that COVID-19 is real and not to be taken lightly. Also, It’s important for people infected to quarantine and let their families and friends know ASAP. There’s no shame in contracting COVID-19, and people that have it need to be responsible and considerate of others. Everyone diagnosed with COVID-19 is affected differently, Unfortunately for Jeremih, COVID-19 viciously attacked his body.

The one good thing is that progress is being made with his current condition.

There is hope for Jeremih and that he will recover from this, but please keep praying for him.

Here is what the rep said about his family:

The family is very grateful for everyone who is praying, and we ask for continued prayers. The family believes daily prayers to God and a great team of doctors and nurses is helping him pull through. He’s not out of the woods yet, but progress is being made. The family and friends are praying that he starts breathing on his own soon, and makes a full recovery.

Adam Smith, a member of the ‘Planez’ singer’s team has this report:

He said to radio station V-1o3 and gave an update on his condition:

I spoke with [Jeremih’s] mom – she approved me of having this message. But she just really wants everyone to take COVID seriously but genuinely pray right now for Jeremih. He is still ill. He is still in the hospital.

He continued:

There are some complications with COVID and he’s not out the dark yet. Any progress is better than no progress – he’s stable but he still has a way to go.

When asked if Jeremih was in ICU or had been on a respirator/life support, Adam Smith responded:

Yea. He’s still in ICU right now.

Adam Smith also took the time to show his appreciation for the celebrities that have been giving Jeremih love and support during this difficult time.

He said:

We’ve had a lot of people in the entertainment capacity that we’ve reached out to that helped us with their resources. Like Chance The Rapper has been super helpful. He’s been connecting us with a lot of the doctors at the hospital that [Jeremih] is in or just some moral support. I’ve connected with Puff. Puff connected us with his entire team at UCLA that he works with. So they’re advising the hospital that [Jeremih] is at right now.