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What Happened to K Michelle Face

What Happened to K Michelle Face

K Michelle is completely unrecognizable these days since she underwent multiple cosmetic procedures on her face. K Michelle was one of the most NATURALLY beautiful women in R&B before the procedure, now she’s looking like Karlie Redd?!?

If you’re like us asking, what happened to K Michelle face? Get the details on the flip…

What Happened to K Michelle Face understands getting a nip and tuck her ant there, but this is ridiculous, K Michelle look totally different.

They always say that plastic surgery is addictive, but what was K thinking? The singer herself admitted to undergoing some type of plastic surgery but girl your face?

What Happened to K Michelle Face

K Michelle gave the people more than they possible bargained for. Taking to Instagram, the talented singer posted a photo of herself, sporting a mysteriously new look. She no longer looks like the K Michelle we all fell in love with.

Remember when K looked like this?

What Happened to K Michelle Face

It’s strange how some people feel the need to alter their looks, but in Hollywood there are so many people picking you apart all of the time. We can understand that maybe producers, publicists, stylist and others may have created some inscurities for K, because she was so beautiful. She didn’t need to alter her face so drastically that she looks botched.

Earlier this year, Michelle admitted on Wendy Williams Show that she had plastic surgery, which probably only propelled the rumors. But we can’t get over her new look. She did something!

We have been trying to figure out what she did. We noticed that she had her nose altered and thinned, her lips are filled and something else, but we can’t put a finger on it. What sucks about this is that now K looks like everyone else in the industry. It’s becoming such a generic look and K Michelle was so pretty.

Here is what Twitter is saying:

What Happened to K Michelle Face

Why K Michelle, Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy!

Take a look at more photos of K Michelle below:

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