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Kanye West Talks Why Liposuction and Opioid Addiction

Kanye West Talks Why Liposuction and Opioid Addiction

Kanye West got hooked on opioids after he had liposuction which leads up to the 2016 breakdown that landed him in a hospital for more than a week.

Get the latest tea on Kanye West talking about his addiction to popping painkillers…

Kanye West Talks Why Liposuction and Opioid AddictionCelebNHealth247.com has learned via Kanye West that he was battling an addiction to opioids.

Kanye West went on to admit. “I was drugged the f**k out, bro,” when going to visit then President-elect Trump in December of 2016.

The “Runaway” rapper explains he was addicted to opioids that doctors had prescribed after he had lipo.

We get it, Oxycodone is very addicting, but that is what is prescribed after plastic surgery. It is just hard to get off of them if you need to take them for 10 days or more.

Ye also revealed that he started taking more pills during the Pablo tour, you know the tour that he RANTED about anything at almost every stop along the way.

Lucky for everyone, the tour was cut short in November 2016 due to his hospitalization.

West continues saying that he has a major beef becuase he was issued seven pills when he left the hospital. He also feels that America, in general, is drugged out. He declared on TMZ Live that today it all changes.

LOL, did he just figure that out? Wow.

Kanye was apparently dealing with his own body shaming demons not wanting to look “fat” in the media eye.

Plus he saw how his brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian was treated and how it RUINED him.

Checked out the revelations by Kanye via TMZ Live:

We understand Kanye West complaining about medication and addiction, but he needs to understand that he needs to take his own actions into account. Ye NEEDS to clean up his life and STOP worrying about the media. We understand that Kim Kardashian’s career revolves around media, but Kanye’s is around music. West NEEDS to step back and see he is NOT a media superstar. He is the real deal music genus that he declares himself.

He NEEDS to stop demanding attention like he does in the video and say F— it. Ye NEEDS to worry about himself, his music, and family and STOP trying to blame everyone else for his insecurities.


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