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Kevin Gates Weigh Loss Happened After Baby Tried to Get Milk

Kevin Gates Weigh Loss Happened After Baby Tried to Get Milk

Damn, Kevin Gates is Daddy Fine! Gates is nothing if not highly entertaining.

The Baton Rouge rapper prides himself on having no filter an yes in a one on one with Men’s Health, Kevin Gates answers all the questions on his recent weight loss. Continue to watch and find out more about Kevin Gates Weight Loss…

CelebNHealth247.com has the latest from rapper Kevin Gates who says that it took an humiliating experience to get him to realize he was a fat as f—!

Kevin Gates went on to explain in a video by Men’s Health saying:

What really did it for me, I had my shirt off and I was holdin’ my patner’s baby and his baby tried to suck on my breast.  I was like, ‘I am too f-cking fat. I’m a fat slob, I need to lose weight. That was the most embarrassing sh-t. I mean, sh-t, even though I’m a big gorilla, I still got feelings, too. Man, that sh-t hurt my f-ckin’ feelings. I said, ‘I got lose weight.

Did you know that Kevin used to weigh 310 lbs. and now weighs 200 lbs.

Gates went on to say he wants to be so proud of his new baby-inspired body that he never puts a shirt on.

I swear to God, look, when I first saw myself losing a bit of weight, my dream was to never wear a shirt any way. I didn’t want to keep hiding because it was going to make me stop working. So I wanted to take my shirt off. I’m talkin’ about I want a woman to just see me and just fall on the ground and just die.

Congrat Kevin on the weigh loss.

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