Lewis Hamilton Opens Up About COVID-19 Recovery


Lewis Hamilton opens up about his recovery from COVID-19

Hamilton says he’s ‘destroyed’ following 1st race after battling COVID-19. Read on for more on Lewis Hamilton COVID-19 recovery…


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CelebnSports247.com reports that Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton was forced to back out of a race in Sakhir, Bahrain following the news he had tested positive for COVID earlier this month.

The Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton came back Sunday (Dec. 13th) for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race where he came in third place.

He wrapped the event by sharing his experience with COVID-19.

Hamilton explains, according to BBC:

I am destroyed. I do not feel good. But I’m happy and grateful I am alive. I live to fight another day and I still managed to finish with a podium.

Lewis Hamilton added:

COVID is no joke. I never thought it was. I knew at some stage if I got it it would be tough because there are people out there losing their lives. So I knew it was serious.

He ended with:

I always find it very strange to see world leaders laughing it off like it is nothing. To be able to come back here this weekend, I knew I wouldn’t physically be where I have been the rest of the season but I made it. Where there is a will, there is a way.

It was previously reported that Lewis Hamilton tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month.

The seven-time Formula One world champion revealed the news on social media, explaining that he tested positive:


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Lewis Posted a video explaining his condition:

He explained that he tested negative three times the previous week, including Sunday afternoon ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, but he woke up Monday morning with mild symptoms and subsequently tested positive.


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Continued prayers for Lewis Hamilton’s recovery!