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Love & Hip Hop Star MariahLynn Gets Breasts Implants

Love & Hip Hop Star MariahLynn Gets Breasts Implants

MariahLynn reveals to Remy Ma that she wants to get breast implants because she is feeling the pressure. She says social media keeps telling her what a female rapper is supposed to look like.

Remy Ma explains to her “if they don’t accept you for who you are the f–k them.” Remy speaks knowledge to MariahLynn, but she has her minds set to see Dr. Miami. Read on…

Love & Hip Hop Star MariahLynn Gets Breasts Implants previously told you that MariahLynn was down in Miami last February after speaking to her friend Sky, from Black Ink Crew.

MariahLynn seems to be talking about the same pressures that Cardi B once talked about, and why she went under the knife for breasts and butt enhancements.

Love & Hip Hop Star MariahLynn Gets Breasts Implants


The Gwinin Entertainment rap star already had a consultation, so the next step is having the procedure. Remy tries to tell her not to listen to everyone else, and if she does get breast implants “do it for herself, not for anyone else.”

Apparently, Mariah had her mind made up, because she ended up going to Miami to get her C cups so she never has to wear a bra ever again!

Watch as Mariahlynn goes to see the best in the business for her boob job- and has some interesting questions for him.

For all the ladies in the world, if you’re like Mariah and want to get plastic surgery make sure you do it for the right reasons.

Do it for you, not because your friends are doing it, not because your boyfriend wants bigger boobs and definitely NOT because Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian or any of her sisters did it.

When you are in your teen years, plastic surgery is a big NO NO! Your body is still developing and that can mess you up. Plastic surgery should not be a thought in your mind until you hit 30-years-old. Do be Hollywood, because plastic surgery takes maintenance, if you get breasts, you have to make sure to do what the doctor tells you everyday because they harden over time and you have to have them replaced ever 10 or so years.

Just a heads up.

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