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Mel B Difficult to Date Due To Dyspraxia and ADHD

Mel B Difficult to Date Due To Dyspraxia and ADHD

Mel B revealed that she has “a bunch of stuff,” such as dyspraxia and ADHD, which make it difficult for her to date.

The Spice Girls singer spoke to ‘The Truth Flirts’ podcast, revealing that she has to live with on a daily basis with dyspraxia and ADHD, which may confuse people who want to embark on a romance with her. Read on for more about Mel B Dyspraxia ADHD…

Mel B Difficult to Date Due To Dyspraxia and ADHD

CelebNHealth247.com reports that Mel B’s dyspraxia and ADHD makes it difficult for her to date.

Mel B explains:

I have ADD, ADHD, I’ve got dyspraxia, I’ve got a bunch of stuff, so for me it kind of already explains the way that I am, without somebody going ‘oh my god she’s got too much energy’, no, there’s actually a reason why my brain functions differently. So, if I was dating, that would be one of the discussions I would have upfront, as to not then later down the line go, ‘Why don’t you understand me?’

Melanie Janine Brown, 44, goes on to say:

I’m very open and I’m very vulnerable, and that’s got me into certain situations in relationships where somebody either takes advantage of that or they are abusive, emotionally, so it can open the floodgates in a negative way for you to be put in those kinds of horrible situations.

The Spice Girls’ very own Scary Spice who is reportedly dating hairdresser Rory McPhee opened up about her struggles with anxiety.

She adds:

A lot of singers have really bad anxiety and I can really identify with that before I was doing the Spice Girls concert shows, I would have Reiki healing. My build-up to walking on stage to 90,000 people was meditating, doing my vocal warm-ups, being completely calm and quiet, getting my reiki healing done. Everyone else would be going, ‘What you doing? Let’s get fired up.’ I was like, I need to be really calm because my anxiety is through the roof.

Mel also believes people should be nicer to themselves to combat mental health problems, stating:

I think in general we don’t take enough time out to be alone, to be in our own feelings, to wake up in the morning and deal with whatever mood we’re in, without going to social media, without beating yourself up and looking in the mirror. I don’t think we spend enough time being nice to ourselves, by ourselves, for ourselves … which is sad really.

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