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Why Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Cost More Problems

Why Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Cost More Problems

Fans are weighing in after Melissa McCarthy is no longer going to be on TV on the hit show Mike & Molly because she got to thin for the character, but her health was at risk!!!

Get more details on why Melissa McCarthy was FORCED to resign from her hit series…

Why Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Cost More Problems

Melissa McCarthy has receive and enormous backlash after she used the controversial method celebrities use to burn fat within WEEKS and size down.

Melissa wanted to drop down a few dress sizes for the new Ghostbusters movie, so she did just that. What she didn’t realize is that by doing so she would end up losing her TV series that America loved. ‘Mike and Molly’ ended up getting cancelled because of it.

What did Melissa McCarthy take to “magical” watch the weight disappear? Melissa McCarthy claims the Garcinia Cambogia Extract diet was the key factors in losing 50 lbs. in just five weeks!

During a interview with TMZ, Melissa had this to say about the network cancelling her show:

“I.. just.. I can’t believe it! They’re cancelling an amazing show JUST because I decided to finally be healthy. It makes no sense! They said I no longer fit the part, which is outrageous. It all started when some of my colleagues recommended Garcinia Pills, something they had seen on a Dr. Oz episode. When your life revolves around being on camera and on stage, you always have to look good for the fans and for yourself. I saw a HUGE difference in less than a week!”

When Melissa was asked about her exercise regement she replied saying:

“Honestly, I couldn’t have done it if I’d even wanted to! *laughs* No, I didn’t need to exercise every day. I’ve always liked to jog every few days, but I didn’t change my routine. The only thing I did was took these pills. They’re a natural weight loss supplement called Garcinia Cambogia Extract. They’re totally safe.”

Here is a little more about the celeb fad that is proving that it is well worth the buck. And the best part is that Dr OZ puts his stamp of approval on it.

Then, this is how great Melissa McCarthy looked at the Ghostbusters premiere:

Why Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Cost More Problems

Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract work?

The answer is yes!

You can get a free bottle of Garcinia Cambogia Extract in just a few short days and only charged $5.95 for shipping. Garcinia Cambogia Extract is one of the most concentrated and purest forms of Garcinia on the market.

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