Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine Side Effects!

Have you gotten your vaccination? No, do you still feel you need more information about the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines? More on the vaccine side effects…

No problem, has the latest update on the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine and what side effects you could possibly get.

There is no concrete answer as everyone is different, which means you may or may not get one of these side effects.

We can tell you this, two staff members here go the vaccine and they both barely had any side effects.

The female felt sick for 5 days and felt like she had a fever, but never did on the first shot. On her second vaccination, she had no reaction, no side effects.

One of our male writers, on his first shot, had hot flashed for an hour, and then he was tired for three days. On the second shot, he got a pink silver dollar allergic reaction on his left shoulder where he got the shot. He said it felt like someone hit his arm with a sledgehammer. It was horrific pain for 24 hours and then gone.

Here is the side effect you need to be aware of!

Europe’s drugs regulator also revealed it is studying three new conditions reported by a small number of people after being vaccinated by mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna.

The first is erythema multiforme, a form of allergic skin reaction, second is glomerulonephritis which is a kidney inflammation; and the third is the nephrotic syndrome, a renal disorder characterized by heavy urinary protein losses.

Additionally, the EMA found a possible link between very rare heart inflammation and the mRNA vaccines last month. However, the European regulator and the World Health Organization emphasized that the benefits offered by the vaccines outweigh any risks.

However, new assessments were added to routine updates to the safety section of all authorized vaccines’ databases, along with menstrual disorders as a condition being studied in those that received AstraZeneca Inc and Johnson & Johnson.