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Shahs of Sunset Star MJ on Butter and Anal Bleaching

Shahs of Sunset Star MJ on Butter and Anal Bleaching

When it comes to being a fan of doggy style, Mercedes MJ Javid on Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset has the solutions for you! It’s all about anal bleaching.

Yes, Mercedes Javid, better known as MJ from Shahs is talking about anal bleaching. Read on…

Shahs of Sunset Star MJ on Butter and Anal Bleaching

In case you didn’t know, the Shahs of Sunset star, Mercedes Javid stopped by to talk about beauty tips, and things got real.

MJ is all about appearance when it comes being seen in public and even for that select one who will be seeing your backside in the bedroom. Especially if you’re into doggy style in the bedroom, Mercedes Javid suggests anal bleaching to make everything to look appealing from all angles.

Javid doesn’t stop there, she has a few more make up tips like Butter and a flat iron to straighten hair and are you ready for this one?


How to prevent gas (farting). Yes, it’s real awkward beauty tips that people don’t like to talk about but want to have. Anal bleaching is super popular in Los Angeles. We can’t count how many people that we know who get the booty hole bleached on the regular.

One friend told us that they like to keep the pink, so if you like to keep it fresh and clean looking at all times, then we suggest anal bleaching so you butt looks totally kissable at all times.

Don’t believe us, then listen to MJ, who gave these tips to PageSix about looking good in every position. LOL!

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