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Sherri Shepherd Shuts Down Breast Reduction Rumors

Sherri Shepherd

When it comes to the Soul Man alumni Sherri Shepherd is all about moving forward this is why Sherri Shepherd Shuts Down Breast Reduction Rumors!!!

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Sherri Shepherd just got wind of Sherri Shepherd’s latest media exploits, and since the comedienne was in good spirits during her visit to The Wendy Williams Show, she had to shut somethings down!

While on the Wendy Williams show, Sherri Shepherd tells us about her new We TV show, “Match Made in Heaven” season 2, her new sit com with John Lithgow “Trial & Error” and her comedy tour.  Sherri also reveals if she’s still appearing on “The View” and what she thinks about the rumors that Whoopi is leaving.

Sherri happily spoke with Williams Show, who couldn’t help but notice Sherri’s slimdown. We all know how Wendy likes to get some tea. Of course, Wendy asked.

“Did you get a breast reduction?”

Sherri repeated her question with a laugh, then quipped:

“No, I lost 12 pounds and a husband!”

She’s referring, of course, to her ex Lamar Sally. The former spouses’ divorce and custody battle played out very publicly, but Sherri didn’t let it take a toll on her health.

She went on to tell Wendy:

“I stressed for a minute…and you know, when you stress, you eat pizza and everything, but once I decided to say, ‘Hey, I forgive. I let go,'” I started cooking.”

There you have it, no under the knife work for Sherri, she was just eating healthy and watching her weight.


Sherri spills a little tea that he ex was a swinger. But wait until you see her new bachelor and former NFL baller Stevie Baggs Jr.

Sherri Shepherd



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