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Shia LaBeouf Admits He Suffers PTSD

Shia LaBeouf Admits He Suffers PTSD

The former Transformer star Shia LeBeouf has become more well known for public shenanigans, but the superstar admits he suffers PTSD and sleeps with a gun.

Shia LeBeouf was on top of the world with his career, but it appeared to be too much. LeBeouf has been in rehab and back, gets real about messy arrest last summer. Read on…

Shia LaBeouf Admits He Suffers PTSD

Photo: Esquire

CelebNHealth247.com has the latest on Shia LeBeouf who spoke with Esquire, as the cover story interview.

The magazine reveals that Shia LeBeouf rehearsed the interview with his therapist for two months prior.

Moving on, Shia touched on the Savannah, Georgia, arrest (during which he hurled a variety of expletives at police, scolded a black office for arresting white people and bragged about his “millionaire lawyers,” to name a few of the highlights).

The actor bluntly admitted the arrest changed his life:

“What went on in Georgia was mortifying. White privilege and desperation and disaster. It came from a place of self-centered delusion… It was me trying to absolve myself of guilt for getting arrested.” And finally, or more simply put, ‘I f-cked up,'”

Why Shia LeBeouf Suffers PTSD?

LaBeouf revealed a horrific event that stems from a childhood moment when he witnessed his mother being raped by a man.

“When I got to rehab last year, they said I had PTSD!”

Shia confirms the traumatic moment as a trigger for violence for him.

He explains:

“The first time I got arrested with a real charge, it stemmed from the same shit. Some guy bumped into my mother’s car with his car in a parking lot, and my head went right to ‘You need to avenge your mother!’ So I went after the dude with a knife.”

Unfortunately, LaBeouf reveals his fear levels are still up, concluding:

“I’ve always thought somebody was coming in. My whole life.”

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