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Siegfried & Roy Star Roy Horn Dead at 75

Siegfried & Roy Star Roy Horn Dead at 75

Siegfried & Roy Star Roy Horn Dead at 75!

Roy Horn, one half of the famous Siegfried & Roy magic and entertainment act in Las Vegas, is dead after being infected with the coronavirus. Read on for more details on the death of Roy Horn… reports that Siegfried & Roy Star Roy Horn has died after being infected with the coronavirus at the age of 75-years-old.

According to news reports and a statement from Siegfried:

Today, the world has lost one of the greats of magic, but I have lost my best friend. From the moment we met, I knew Roy and I, together, would change the world. There could be no Siegfried without Roy, and no Roy without Siegfried.

Siegfried goes on:

Roy was a fighter his whole life, including during these final days. I give my heartfelt appreciation to the team of doctors, nurses and staff at Mountain View Hospital who worked heroically against this insidious virus that ultimately took Roy’s life.

Roy died Friday, a little more than a week after testing positive for COVID-19.

Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher were a staple in Sin City for more than a decade, and they were well known for their daring performances with tigers and big cats.

Their show on the strip ended back in 03 when Roy was famously mauled by a 380-pound white tiger, Mantecore, way back in 2003 during a performance at the Mirage Las Vegas. The tiger bit Roy by the neck during the act and dragged him offstage.

The incident left Roy partially paralyzed.

RIP Roy Horn

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