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Sonoma County + Napa County Goes On Mandatory Shelter

Sonoma County + Napa County Goes On Mandatory Shelter

Sonoma County + Napa County Goes On Mandatory Shelter!

It’s happened, Sonoma County + Napa County have officially joined the rest of the bay are on the mandatory shelter lock down. Read on… reports that 500,000 Residents in Sonoma County are bracing for a new shelter-in-place order effective at midnight, which limits only essential travel to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Last week, Real Housewives of New Jersey Joe Giudice showed the world his hometown in Italy and the mandatory shelter. Now, it’s happening in the bay area as well.

If you headed out to dinner, went to a movie or was just out having drinks at a bar, tonight is your last night until sometime in April.

Wine country is on LOCK DOWN as of 12 AM Tuesday night.

Yes the days may be longer, but families will NEED to stay in their homes since Sonoma County has joined forces with the Bay Area shelter-in-place order on Wednesday.

Families in Sonoma and Napa county are on the same rules as San Francisco so if you live in these counties you can go to your doctor, get food, do banking or get gas.

If you are having cabin fever, here are a few activities you can do.

That list of essential businesses includes health care operations, grocery stores, shelters, media outlets, gas stations and banks. Restaurants can remain open, but only for takeout and delivery.

Marry Pizza Shack is offering food deliveries.

Manager Rebecca Smith said:

We offer contact deliveries, we can drop it off send you a text message at your front door.

Outside of that, many residents are getting ready to stay home. Time to get some quality time with your family.

Sonoma County + Napa County Goes On Mandatory Shelter

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