Tanya Roberts NOT DEAD; Rep Mike Pingel Retracts Statement

Tanya Roberts NOT DEAD; Rep Mike Pingel WRONG

Tanya Roberts NOT DEAD; Rep Mike Pingel WRONG!

Update: Tanya Roberts ultimately died later on Monday, her longtime partner confirmed to the New York Times.

Tanya Roberts’ representative Mike Pingel has now retracted his statement, He claimed the star is still alive, despite confirming she had passed away this week. Read on since Tanya Roberts NOT DEAD…


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CelebnHealth247.com received the news of former Bond Girl Tanya Roberts passing away from a severe UTI last night and we were in shock.

Now today, we are hearing that “That 70s Show” alum and bombshell mom is still alive in the hospital on a ventilator

It was believed that Tanya Roberts has passed away on Sunday (03.01.21) at the age of 65 after she collapsed near her home in the Hollywood Hills when walking her dogs on Christmas Eve (24.12.20) and was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

News of her passing was confirmed by her friend and representative Mike Pingel, but he was wrong. Tanya remains in hospital.

Tanya’s friend and rep Mike Pingel ASSUMED She was Dead.

Here is how it was explained last night by Tanya’s husband, Lance:

“I just said goodbye to Tanya,” and that was it … then he went home and fell asleep, only to wake up later to phone calls about her passing.

Lance seems to be suggesting Mike interpreted his statement as proof Tanya had died, though Pingel also says Lance told him … “She died in my arms.”

Mike Pingel’s Previous Statement:

I feel like a light has been taken away. To say she was an angel would be at the top of the list. She was the sweetest person you’d ever meet and had a huge heart. She loved her fans, and I don’t think she realized how much she meant to them.

After news of her alleged passing first broke, stars flooded social media with tributes to the Bond star, who is best known for her role as geologist Stacey Sutton in the 1985 Bond movie ‘A View To A Kill’

Celebrities who paid Tribute:

Britt Ekland – who played Mary Goodnight in the 1974 Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’.

She wrote on Twitter:

Rip Tanya Roberts, once a Bond Girl always a Bond Girl!

Whilst film producer Jonathan Sothcott also paid tribute, writing on Twitter:

A View To A Kill has always been the 007 film I enjoyed the most and I’m awfully sad to hear leading lady #TanyaRoberts has died at just 65 – she was the consummate 80s Bond girl and had a lovely chemistry with Roger. A Hollywood star from another, more glamourous age gone. RIP. (sic)

According to TMZ, several members of Tanya’s family and friends also contacted the publication on Sunday to confirm Lance had told them of Tanya’s death, and it’s not yet known how the emotionally distressing mistake happened.

This makes us question her husband Lance and rep Mike? What’s really going on guys? Why are you trying to claim she is dead without a doctor’s confirmation?

Tanya Roberts’ net worth is $10 million…

Her husband Lance posted an In Memory of Statement early on Jan. 6th, 2020:


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[Editor’s note: This post was originally published on Jan 5, 2021, at 02:23 p.m. on CelebnHealth247.com and has been updated to reflect Roberts’s death.]