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Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak Gets Butt Injections

Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak Gets Butt Injections

Don’t Be Tardy star and Kroy Biermann’s wife, Kim Zolciak loves the camera pointed her directions so she video’d herself getting Butt Injections!!!

Flip and watch Kim Zolciak Getting Butt Injections from her doctor…

Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak Gets Butt Injections has the latest on reality personality Kim Zolciak, who is basically an attention whore in a good way.

Zolciak took to social media to tell her fans what she was up to:

“I’m so excited to share with you something I just learned from the incredible @simonourianmd1 I went to see what he could do about these couple of dimples (really cellulite) on my butt cheeks ? and he got rid of them permanently!! I’m soooo excited!!! ?I personally like to look and feel my best soooo thank you @simonourianmd1 for giving me my smooth tush back haven’t see that in a few years ? #AlwaysHadThisOneDimple #SinceICanRemember ? #ItsGone #Finally FOLLOW HIM TO GET MORE DETAILS @simonourianmd1”

Last week Kim told fans that she loves getting a little nip, tuck, botox, lip injection and butt injection. Could you imaging if the world ran out of botox and restiline?

What would Hollywood do?

This world is getting uglier by the day. Everyone’s face would melt, their eyes would say and the wrinkles on their face would re carve the cracks. Their boobs would deflate and their butts would sag…Hollywood and a lot of reality stars would look horrible…Thankfully that day hasn’t come, yet.

When it does, we want front row two months after the catastophy happens. LOL! Just kidding.

Watch the booty shot video below:

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