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Martin Actor Tommy Ford Dead at 52

Tommy Ford Dead at 52

We are sad to report that Tommy Ford health had continued to decline since Sunday and just moments ago reports have just come in that Tommy Ford has passed!!!

We have the latest on Martin actor Tommy Ford Dead at 52 the flip…

Tommy Ford dead

CelebNHealth247.com is truly saddened by the news that 52-year-old actor/comedian Tommy Ford has died at the age of 52.

Five weeks ago, Tommy celebrated his 52nd birthday with his kids. He posted this adorable photo of himself with his kids saying:

“I’d like to say thanks for all your heart felt bday wishes! Y’all made getting old a little less frightening! ? My kids made this the best bday weekend EVER! Thank you TJ, @madi.ford and nephew Stan for loving on me this weekend! I love y’all so much! GOD BLESS EVERYBODY!”

Just two weeks ago, Tommy Ford took to Instagram telling his friends, family and fans that he was having his knee replaced. A week later he gave a progress report while rehabbing his knee that everything was going better that doctors had anticipated.

Martin Actor Tommy Ford dead

Tommy Ford Dead News:

Then on Sunday his world was turned upside down when he suffered form a aneurysm rupture in his abdomen. He was RUSHED to the hospital in an Atlanta hospital.

Earlier on Wednesday, Big Tommy Ford’s wife, Gina released a statement that Tommy Ford was indeed hospitalized and was on Life Support.

Tommy was in a coma and NOT expected to make it to tomorrow. The ’90s “Martin” star lost his fight just moments ago. He passed away Wednesday in an Atlanta hospital surrounded by family and friends.

His family made the decision to turn off support this afternoon.

Ford played Martin Lawrence’s best friend for all 5 seasons of the show. He was 52. – TMZ

We want to thank Tommy for his memorable role as Tommy on Martin. He will always be remembered as we grew up on that show. Tommy you’re are the man.

We cannot believe Tommy Ford Dead!

RIP Tommy Ford. Our condolences goes out to Tommy Ford’s family and friends. Today the world lost a great guy.


Here is Tommy back in the day on Martin in some of the best Tommy Moments:

You just never know when one day you are here and the next you’re NOT. Cherish family, friends and life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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