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Have You Been Watching Road Trip With G Garvin

G Garvin

Do you love Southern cooking? Then you need to be tuning into Road Trip With G. Garvin on the Cooking Channel!!!

Nothing say “damn that’s good” like Chef G Garvin uncovers some of the country’s best new Southern food…

G Garvin

G. Garvin is easy on the eye like LL Cool J so join Chef Garvin on his venture on a cross-country road trip to savor the varied and delicious tastes of the South.

Checkout the 2013 James Beard Award for Outstanding Personality/Host, G Garvin on Garvin on Road Trip With G. Garvin Thursdays on The Cooking Channel and find out what is in your city when it comes to good old Southern cooking.

G Garvin takes you around the US to show you some of the best SPOTS to eat at:

Are you living in Indianapolis? Do you know about this amazing bakery, Wildflour?

For all of you in the Chicago area, if you love pork, then checkout Garvin talking to the father-and-son owners of Chicago’s Purple Pig.

If you live in Austin Texas…The home of the Long Horns, you might want to venture to Tin Roof BBQ. As Gerry Garvin tells you this is the best tri trip to try in Texas. #1 on the menu is their Texas Cheese Steak. They cook to run out on the daily.

Take a look:

For all you Brooklynites we have a place that will have you coming back for more. The place is Pies n’ Thighs who is best known for their Sour-Cherry-Pear Pie.

If you are in the ATL, the you NEED to hit up JJ’s Rib Shack. It’s the best mom & pop rib joint in Georgia. It may not be fancy, but this shack on Atlanta’s south side knows barbecue.

Rounding out Garvin’s journey is The French Press in Lafayette, the home of Croque Madame for you breakfast lovers or brunchers. Checkout G. Gavin as he experiences the Croque Madame.

The 39-year-old Chef Gerry Garvin teamed up with Keyshawn Johnson to open Reign Restaurant, before he opened his most well-known restaurant G Garvin’s.

If you want to see more great food from G. Gavin then head over to the Cooking Channel TV and make sure to watch ROAD TRIP WITH G. GARVIN on Thursdays at 8:30am ET

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