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Why Nicole Richie Is A Germaphobe

Why Nicole Richie Is A Germaphobe

Why Nicole Richie is a germaphobe?

Fashion designer Nicole Richie, 38, is paranoid about there being illness-inducing dirt in the home she shares with her Good Charlotte rocker husband Joel Madden and their two children. Read on to learn why Nicole Richie is a full on Germaphobe… reports that Nicole Richie doesn’t like to hold hands with musician Joel, 40, until after he has washed his digits first or used sanitizer.

That makes sense and now with the Coronavirus outbreak she and many people are just straight up scared of germs.

Nicole Richie has two kids with Joel Madden, 12-year-old daughter Harlow and 10-year-old son Sparrow, so she makes sure her home and family is scrubbed from ”top to bottom” every day by a team of cleaners.

A source told the new issue of National Enquirer magazine:

She has an army of housekeepers who clean their house top to bottom everyday. Joel can’t even touch Nicole without her demanding he wash his hands with disinfectant first it’s driving him nuts.

Last month, Nicole and Joel took their kids to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and she was seen wearing a pair of latex gloves to protect herself from germs. Meanwhile, Joel wore a surgical face mask seemingly to protect himself from the possibility of catching respiratory illness Coronavirus.

The celebrity couple are truly phobic of germs and in Disneyland, its full of germs. We don’t think of it because we are all having to much fun. But think about all the things you touch there. Its a breeding ground for illness.

Make sure to bring hand sanitizers and wipes to continue clean your hands after rides and touching things.

Her friend Heidi Klum thought the habit was “f***ing nuts.” The incident took place when the pair boarded a plane together after Nicole had finished filming an appearance on Heidi’s Amazon Prime Video series ‘Making The Cut’.

At the time Heidi posted a video to her Instagram account in which the German model can be heard saying:

Okay so I thought that only Naomi Campbell was the nut job, but nein! Mrs. Richie is just as f***ing nuts! What is wrong with you girls?!

The funny thing is, many people will be following Nicole’s lead now a days.

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